Monday, April 16, 2012

Surprise Someone You Know with Hallmark Blooming Expressions {Review & Contest}

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Although I typically have an idea about what packages will be arriving around here, I love the days when a surprise appears at my door. Who doesn't enjoy opening a box or reading a card and finding that someone was thinking about them enough to send a special message?

Which is exactly why I love the concept of Blooming Expressions from Hallmark and their ability to provide a smile and show your recipient just how much you care.

Hallmark Blooming Expressions

Combining the beauty of flowers with the practicality of sending a card, Blooming Expressions are the fresh new way to express your love. Available in four different color flowers featuring eight sweet messages, these flowers bloom again and again to reveal their hidden words right inside.

Choose from "You deserve a beautiful day," "Thanks for being a great friend," "What a blessing you are," and many more. Whether you send this surprise to your mom (Mother's Day is right around the corner!), sister, daughter, friend or more, this is one unique keepsake that is sure to bring a smile.

Blooming Expressions

These are such a cute idea! I couldn't help but be excited by opening my surprise box and finding a Blooming Expressions right inside with a card telling me that I have a secret admirer.

Hallmark Blooming Expressions review

As this flower comes with batteries installed, it is ready to go with the simple flip of the power switch on the bottom. After turning it on, I pressed the small button on the back of the vase...

on/off switch

...and the flower came to life!

blooming fake flower

Right in the center of the pink petals sat the message "There's only one you!" and who wouldn't feel all warm and happy inside after hearing that?

Card message

After admiring the Blooming Expressions creative and beautiful display (I just kept pressing the button to see this flower magically open and close!), it is easy to visit the Hallmark Secret Admirer website and enter in the custom code accompanying it to find out who is behind this lovely gift. Your recipient is sure to be flattered and happy to see your name!

Retailing for $14.95 in Hallmark Gold Crown stores everywhere, these flowers are the perfect way to show how how much you care and serve as a daily reminder of your appreciation, love and friendship.

Secret Admirer

Want to send a Blooming Expressions flower to someone special in your life? Right now you have the opportunity to win a chance to be a secret admirer as well as a gift card for even more great Hallmark products! Here's how:
Nominate someone you want to surprise with a Hallmark Blooming Expression. Between February 20 and Mother's Day (May 13, 2012), Hallmark will randomly select one daily winner and mail a Blooming Expression directly to their doorstep.
Inside the package will be a card telling them they have a secret admirer, as well as an online code to unlock the identity of their admirer — you! Your nomination also will enter you into the Sweepstakes to win one of 10 Hallmark Gold Crown gift cards ($100 value each) to be selected at the end of the program.
So what are you waiting for? Visit Hallmark now to find out more about this one-of-kind way to surprise a loved one and to enter to win a chance to send a Blooming Expressions flower of your own.

Hallmark Blooming Expressions

(I was provided with a Blooming Expressions by Hallmark but I was not compensated or enticed or to do this review in any way. I thought that other people would like the chance to enter the Secret Admirer Sweepstakes and have a chance to send one of these fun gifts!)


Donna D said...

My Daughter came over the other day with one of these, she said she had got something for her boyfriend and wanted to see if I thought he would like it... she took it out of the box and it opened ever so slow, and I seen the message inside! I thought it was so cute. I told her Yes I think he will like it! I think anyone would think these are sweet and everyone would love to get one. A Cute Ideal for sure!

Vanessa C. said...

Oh those are so very adorable! Thanks for the review!

Anonymous said...

thats a really cute idea especially if someone loves flowers but hates the fact they die so soon this will last forever

Anissa said...

What a fun idea and thanks for posting about the contest!