Friday, April 27, 2012

Vacationing and Celebrating the Christmas Spirit Year-Round with Elf Magic

In what has become our annual spring tradition, recently Big Sister E and I packed our bags and flew down to Arizona to spend a week in the warmth and sunshine with my mom.

This was our third year of just the two of us and although I entertained the thought of bringing Little Sister B along this time, it just wasn't in the cards for her quite yet. While Big Sister E is an expert traveler — one who is completely predictable and very dependable — Little Sister B is still a little too much of a wild card for me to try to handle on my own. Hopefully next year!

For now, the trip was just as relaxing and laid-back as we had hoped. No need to rush off and do too much sightseeing, as we've seen it. The mountains, the cacti, the sunsets; we already know they're beautiful. Instead, we took in the local wildlife, giggling at the cute ground squirrels popping up wherever we went...

ground squirrel

...and managed to get up close and personal with the friendly giraffes.

feeding a giraffe

We also visited a handful of parks in the area so that Big Sister E could burn off some energy, and found that Arizona has some much more modern and interesting playgrounds than we see here at home.

playground climbing equipment

My favorite aspect of the trip? Doing what I like to do best, of course.

relaxing by the pool

Ahhhh. Now this is the life.

But... then a strange thing happened.

I shouldn't have been surprised, I suppose, as Big Sister E had been recently talking about our Caribbean vacation and how much fun it had been to have our Elf Magic Elf and Reindeer, Tripp and Sam, show up there unannounced. We had then gone on to discuss how typically Santa only sends his Elves out to visit around the holidays and, when Big Sister E had questioned me asking what they do in the off-season, it made me pause.

That's a good question. Maybe Santa lets the elves leave the North Pole for short visits if there are kids that hope hard enough for it?

Which is why when we showed up at the pool the next day and I went to sit in my favorite chair, I should have been prepared for Big Sister E to point excitedly to what we found there. Or rather, who we found there already enjoying the sunshine.

swimming pool relaxation

That's right, our favorite duo had returned just in time to come along on yet another trip. This time it seemed as though they were a little more prepared for the heat, as instead of mostly hanging around inside, they popped up during the day when we would least expect it.

Heading out for a stroll? There they were, checking out the cacti.


Going to play at another playground? Apparently elves and reindeer like to kick back and play as well.

playground swings

Leaving for a drive and enjoying the beautiful scenery? Don't look now, but I think these two are really starting to become big fans of the desert.

Arizona sightseeing

Although Tripp and Sam did spend quite a bit of the daytime hours sleeping (they were especially exhausted this trip with all of their adventures out in the heat), it was a good thing that I had coincidentally packed our magic snowflakes in our suitcase so that the nighttime magic and humorous antics could occur. We always love waking up and seeing just what sort of mischief our little friends have gotten into!

After Big Sister E and I arrived home, we found that our pals were even more worn out than usual, so it made sense that they needed extra rest to build their energy back up. Fortunately, Tripp had planned ahead and brought his Snowflake Sleeping Bag and Nightshirt & Slippers, which made for the perfect little resting spot for both he and Sam.

Elf Magic sleeping
FYI: puffy Elf slippers are the cutest things ever.
When it was time for Tripp and Sam to return home to the North Pole, Big Sister E was quick to point out that they must have really enjoyed the warm Arizona weather, as instead of his usual holiday outfit, Tripp was donning his Fun & Play shorts and t-shirt sets. What a cute way to be comfortable and stylish in everyday wear - something every Elf needs, right?

Elf Magic Elfits

The morning that we awoke and found that Tripp and Sam had indeed left for the North Pole, Big Sister E and Little Sister B were a bit disappointed. After all, our holiday friends had brought a little surprise cheer to our lives and thinking about how far away December is made us all a little sad that we probably wouldn't see them until then.

But... another surprise!

After finding Tripp and Sam's sleeping spot empty, we found a curious little friend waiting for us instead. Look! A MINI Elf! The girls cried.

Elf Magic Pocket Elves

Although not magical like his 10" counterpart, this 6" Pocket Elf was just the thing to ease the transition of saying good-bye to our friends by serving as an identical reminder. The girls have loved seeing that this little guy came in his own Pocket-Sized Santa Sack, that he has a snowflake embroidered over his heart (proving his is one of Santa's authentic Pocket Elves), and that his clothes are removable just like Tripp's.

What's his name, Mama?

He doesn't have one yet. You get to decide. What should his name be?

And that's how James has come to be a tag-along buddy that plays, sleeps and cuddles with the girls as they wait for Tripp and Sam to return next winter.

Elf Magic review

Have you started an Elf Magic tradition in your house yet? If not, be prepared for this holiday season by visiting and learning about the wacky elfcapades that could surprise and delight your family.

If you are fortunate to already have an Elf friend, you need to check out all of the adorable Elfits outfits and accessories that are currently available... not to mention returning back in August to see even more new Elfits and the accessories that are coming out for the Magic Reindeer friends as well!

Whether your family enjoys an Elf at Christmas (or for a surprise visit throughout the year — maybe at Grandma's house or while camping?) or a Pocket Elf to spend time all year-round, the Elf Magic tradition is one that you'll want to take part in. As well as at, Elf Magic can be found on Facebook and Twitter as well.

(Other than Tripp, Sam, James and their Elfits, accessories and accompaniments arriving by sleigh at our door, we were not provided anything or enticed to do this review in any way. This post is solely a recount of the joy and fun that Elf Magic can bring each holiday season as well as throughout the year.)


J.L. BOSTICK said...

Yeah, I think my daughters would adore their own elf. I think they think I am one I am a new follower, I look forward to reading your blog. Stop by an say hello on mine sometime! :)

Tanya M said...

How fun!!!
Great pictures! Great times!

Zippy said...

What a cute idea. My son used to take his Pound Puppy with him on vacation and everywhere.

Amy V said...

very cute! we have the christmas elf but i also think m y kids would love this little one! looks like you guys had a great trip.

annae07 at aol dot com

Courtney B said...

very cute! my daughter loves elfs!

Anonymous said...

Adorable! We haven't done the Elf yet, but I so want to!

Kat's Fantastical World said...

That elf is super cute! I now must plan a trip to the zoo!

Katie Wurn

Anonymous said...

I love the daughter would go crazy over it. This place looks really fun.

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