Tuesday, April 17, 2012

RadioShack Spring Gift Ideas & Trade in Your Electronics and Save! {fitbit Review}

When it comes to gift ideas, I'm typically at a loss.

My girls both have varying personalities and interests, so if I have a difficult time picking out something that they'll like, how do I choose for other kids? And adults are even worse — do you pick something practical? Something frivolous? Something humorous?

This spring, however, there is no stress necessary when it comes to finding that perfect item. Why? Because RadioShack has all of the lately technology that is nearly guaranteed to be a hit from the moment the wrapping paper is removed.

RadioShack logo

One of the nation's most experienced and trusted consumer electronics specialty retailers, RadioShack offers the most innovative products and services from all of the leading brands. Whether you are shopping online or in-store (there are retail locations across North America), you'll always find the best technology solutions to fit your needs.

So when it comes to shopping this spring, RadioShack has ideas in every price range:

Budget-Friendly Gifts

· Need a fun present that won't break the bank? Try a bright snap-on iPhone 4/4S case, available in a variety of colors with some coordinating earbuds.

· Make the spring sunshine educational for the kids. The Elenco Solar Educational Kit is only $24.99 and is an easy-to-use kit that teaches about solar power and how to make an electrical circuit. Recommended for kids ages 8 and up, this is a toy that is fun and educational.

Bigger Gifts

· Reading is more fun in color, so brighten it with a NOOK Color for only $169! More than 2.5 million books, magazines, newspapers, interactive kids' books, comics and graphic novels are available on the world's most advanced VividView™ color touchscreen.

· Navigate your way through the spring with a Garmin GPS. Each touchscreen navigator provides accurate, turn-by-turn directions that speak street names. RadioShack has multiple models, all at affordable prices that also include free lifetime map updates. This is a perfect spring gift for the new driver or for taking some out of the stress of running the parent taxi service.

· Gear up for swimsuit season with new fitness products like the fitbit or nxe ActiveSLEEVE™. The fitbit Ultra Activity Tracker shows your real-time activity stats so you know how close you are to your goals. The ActiveSLEEVE allows freedom of movement and unobstructed use in a limitless variety of athletic activities, fitting an iPod nano up to an iPhone 4S and everything in-between. The moisture-wicking, high-end breathable material stretches to fit any arm size.

I have had the opportunity to try out the fitbit to see just how much motivation this 2" device could provide and thus far it has proven to be extremely impressive. Who knew something this small could make such an impact?

fitbit review

A pedometer for the 21st century, the fitbit Ultra Activity Tracker does so much more than clumsily count the number of steps you take each day. Instead, this tiny gadget accurately tracks your daily steps, distance and calories burned using an advanced motion sensor for extreme accuracy. You can even slip it into a soft wristband and measure how long and how well you sleep!

As the fitbit arrives with everything that you need to get started...

fitbit tracker

...it only takes a few minutes to set up an account on fitbit.com and get started tracking your stats. As opposed to a traditional fitness tracker, the fitbit shows you real-time activity right on the device as well as in your online account.

With the press of a single button on the fitbit itself, you can check to see how close you are to reaching your daily goals for number of steps taken, number of flights of stairs you've ascended, calories burned and more.

fitbit Ultra Activity Tracker

Or, with the wireless innovation of the fitbit, simply come within 15 feet of the small base station (which plugs into a USB port of your computer) and your data is instantly synced online. I love not having to push any buttons or continuously plug and unplug anything in; instead, my information is all right there at my fingertips without ever having to do a thing!

fitbit activity tracker

For being so compact and small, the fitbit Ultra Activity Tracker has already proven to me that it gives big results. It is low-profile enough to wear all day in a pocket or clipped onto pretty much any article of clothing and being able to check it or my online account at any point is extremely easy.

It has been a real eye-opener to not only see the number of times that I'm active (as well as sedentary) during the day, not to mention getting some insight into my sleep patterns at night. I'm looking forward to exploring even more of the options that fitbit has to offer, such as food plans, journals, interacting with the community and friends, and much more.

Retailing for $99.99 from RadioShack, the fitbit Ultra Activity Tracker is a user-friendly gadget (it is literally quite friendly, actually, as it sends me nice messages at times about how much I rock or that it wants a hug) that can stay with you every step of the day and motivate you to make small changes that add up to the results you've been after.

RadioShack trade and save

As well as all of their great products, RadioShack can help you save money this month with their Trade & Save program. This hassle-free program lets you trade in pre-owned technology — everything from mobile phones to cameras to video game consoles and receive a gift card or store credit towards your next purchase.

Customers can appraise their device online or head into any RadioShack location. You'll rest assured that the products you trade in will be refurbished or recycled, while walking away with immediate store credit. As this isn't a buyback program, Trade & Save accepts eligible electronics trade-ins no matter where they were purchased (no receipt is required). There is no cost to you to participate and only savings to be found from technology laying around your house taking up space!

phone trade-in

More than 90 million adults (18+) in America have unused, outdated, or unwanted technology in their house. In addition, a third of mobile phone users report owning unused phones — and more than half of those with unused phones own two or more. And all of these people can get money at RadioShack for any used electronics!

Now through April 28, America's Mobile Makeover Month by RadioShack guarantees at least $30 and as much as $300 in immediate store credit when you trade in a working mobile phone through this special promotion. If you have old cell phones (as well as other devices) lying around your house, the Trade & Save program is definitely not to be missed!

To learn more about Trade & Save or appraise your device, visit a nearby RadioShack, go to www.radioshacktradeandsave.com, or download the free RadioShack Trade & Save app from the Apple App Store or Google Play for Android.

(Other than the fitbit that I was provided by RadioShack, I was not compensated or enticed or to do this review in any way.This is solely my opinion on this innovative product.)


Danielle S said...

Radio Shack does have some very nice gifts. I am going to have to shop there again. Thanks for sharing.
Danielle S

Liz Mays said...

I can't even tell you how much I love my FitBit. I didn't realize that RadioShack sold them though. Good to know! But again I say, I LOVE my FitBit. I totally recommend it to everyone!

VickieC said...

wow,what a great device,,I wouldnt have a clue how to use it but my son does,,,