Thursday, April 5, 2012

Start the Day with Silk Fruit&Protein {#CBias #SilkFruit}

Silk logoSometimes I look back and try to remember the mornings where all that I had to do was get myself out of bed, get dressed, and pull out of a bowl of cereal for breakfast.

Was that in this lifetime? Considering the amount of work that it takes to get both of my kids out of bed, in their clothes, hair brushed and out the door with somewhat-full bellies in time for school, I'm not so sure that I'm not just imagining the way it used to be.

While I feel fortunate that I don't deal with too many issues with my kids and their clothes or their hair, I often start to lose a little patience when it comes to breakfast. The cupboard is filled with the same cereals as yesterday, why does it take so long to pick one? And no, you can't have five glasses of juice in the span of 10 minutes!

In fact, although juice is a good source of Vitamin C, we tend to avoid it because of the unnecessary sugar and lack of protein.

Until now.

Silk Fruit&ProteinAs soon as I heard about Silk Fruit&Protein, I knew that it was the solution that would make my entire family happy. The girls would get to enjoy the delicious, fruity yumminess of juice, my husband could include any of the three tasty flavors (Strawberry Banana, Mango Peach and Mixed Berry) in his beloved smoothies, and I could rest assured that we were all receiving the nourishing power of protein. A win-win-win!

As my 3-year-old and I were heading out to run a few errands, we were happy to add Walmart to our list so that we could pick up a carton or two of Silk Fruit&Protein to give it a try. Unfortunately, as soon as we walked over to the refrigerated section, I knew that things weren't looking all too good.

refrigerated sectionAnd things only seemed to go from bad to worse as we walked down the aisle.

orange juiceWhile it was clear from the packaging of the original Silk products that I wasn't imagining that Silk Fruit&Protein existed...

Silk soy turned out that the remodeling of our local Walmart's grocery section meant that they had stopped receiving any new refrigerated items. Considering we had already walked up and down every aisle and stood around waiting for an employee to check with her manager, the idea of leaving without this tasty drink made both Little Sister B and I feel a bit...

grumpy face...grumpy.

Who wants to leave Walmart empty-handed?

empty-handedThis is me back at the car holding my invisible shopping bag. Without our Silk Fruit&Protein, we had nothing to buy!

For the happy ending to our story, check out our full, somewhat-random shopping trip (in photos). Spoiler alert: My husband and a Walmart across town saved the day!

When it finally came time to add Silk Fruit&Protein into our morning routine, it wasn't hard for any of us to agree. I took one look at the label and was even more excited about the health benefits...

Silk Fruit& well as the fact that Silk was so sure that we'd like their new drink that they guaranteed it!

Silk Fruit&ProteinAt the same time, my kids took one look at the smooth, creamy liquid in their cups and they were giving it a taste within seconds.

Silk Fruit&Protein reviewThe consensus? Yum, yum and yum!

Silk Fruit&ProteinI had assumed that Silk Fruit&Protein would taste similar to Silk's delicious soy milk, but it was really more like a smoothie or thick juice. The flavor was sweet and savory and the Mixed Berry was just delectable enough without being overpowering. It was definitely a hit that was tasty until the very last drop...

good to the last drop...for a happy smile (and belly) afterward.

Silk Fruit&ProteinInstead of constant requests for juice, I'm happy to pull out a container of Silk Fruit&Protein and know that it will start my kids' day off on the right foot. Heck, I'm going to be starting my own day with this now that I know how good it tastes!

Of course now I'll just hope that when we head back to Walmart to try out the Strawberry Banana and the Mango Peach that they won't be so hard to find.

Find out much more about Silk Fruit&Protein on their website and connect with Silk on Facebook and Twitter as well.

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias but all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own. #CBias #SilkFruit


Amy and Luke said...

The Sangria pitcher is beautiful!

East9thStreet said...

I love the shot of you leaving Walmart empty handed...that made my day!

Admin said...

Such great pictures! I can't wait to try this tomorrow with my kiddos!

Just Short said...

Bummer about your store not having any Silk Fruit&Protein. Glad that your husband was able to save the day. Looks like the drink was a hit at your house.