Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Quality Eyeglasses at Affordable Prices from {Coupon Code}

While picking Little Sister B up at preschool recently, I found out that the class had participated in the optional vision screenings that I had signed her up for a month or so ago. As I immediately began peppering her with questions ("What did you do? You could see the shapes, right? Could you tell what all the shapes were?"), I tried not to think that we might already be at the point where she could need glasses.

After all, considering how dependent my husband and I are on our glasses and contact lenses (me, especially), I figure it is only a matter of time before our children are going to be squinting to see things clearly.

Fortunately, with the huge array of styles, colors and overall coolness of glasses these days, when that time does come, I know that we'll spend time shopping for something that has become a hip, trendy, fashionable accessory for all ages... and has also become much more affordable these days thanks to being able to purchase eyeglasses online.

Gone are the days of paying too much at the doctor's office or in glasses stores found in strip malls. Why bother when you can find selection, style, delivery right to your door and, best of all, huge savings? After all, it's found right there at

affordable glasses

By selling affordable eyeglasses for men and women starting at $27 (for complete eyeglasses including prescriptions lenses!) right from the comfort of your computer, One Planet Glasses has truly changed the way that we shop for eyewear. Whether you're looking for a new pair of glasses to complement your wardrobe or replace older ones that are broken, not your current prescription or just out-of-date, One Planet makes the process fast, fun and easy.

And when I say fun, I mean fun.

Have you ever truly looked at those stock images that fill most glasses websites? The boring photos of obscure people that are used for advertising? You won't find them at Because their site is run by real people, their photos are of their staff (in particular Ashley, the Manager of Awesome), which can't help but make you smile.

For an even bigger laugh, however, I absolutely love that One Planet gives you a few extra choices when it comes to virtually trying on their various frames. On most sites you can choose from a few different faces, hopefully finding one that might remotely resemble you to get an idea of how different glasses might actually look when worn.

With One Planet Glasses, you are able to do just that... or, if you're like me, you might want to pick one of their other "models" just to give yourself a big laugh!

funny glasses

I love the overall fun and relaxed feeling of browsing and shopping at and the way that the site is easy to navigate and broken into just about any category you might want at a price point that fits your budget. Can you can find other online glasses sites out there that possibly have larger selections or lower prices? Probably. But do you want to end up having settled for a pair of so-so frames that fall apart after two months of wearing them?

One Planet Glasses, on the other hand, purposely picked only around 300 frames to feature (out of a possible 10,000) to maximize the quality and keep prices low. After all, their lenses are made in the exact same labs as the well-known brands, so you know that the results are going to be something you can be proud to pick up and display on your face day after day.

Even better, you'll feel good about your purchase. First, a portion of each sale is donated to Unite for Sight to help provide prescription eyeglasses to people who need them. Gotta love that. And second, it's hard to not feel good when you a receive a little card with your order telling you flat out that:


This document hereby certifies that YOU are, indeed, quite Awesome and deserving of a certificate that says so. Please cut this out and keep it on you at all times. If anyone ever questions your awesomeness, simply present them with this card and say, "Oh, really?"

If that wasn't enough, One Planet makes it extra clear that they think you're awesome for making your purchase that they allow their customers a free download of a song that they've written and produced just for them. The appropriate title: You're Awesome. Take a sneak peek now, as it is nearly guaranteed to cheer you up!

Prescription eyeglasses are both a health necessity as well as a fashion item, so being able to express yourself through a high quality, durable product at such
reasonable prices is something that we can all appreciate. Of course, the addition of a coupon code never hurts! Enter the promo code TMC15 and receive 15% off of a single purchase of prescription eyeglasses (one use per person, no expiration date) at

Selection, style, affordability, total awesomeness - what more could I ask for? The only question left is: why pay more or go elsewhere? Little Sister B may have passed her vision test with flying colors this time, but who knows what the future will bring!

Have you bought eyeglasses online? How was your experience? 

(This post was brought to you by but all thoughts and opinions on them being awesome are honest and my own.)


Liz Mays said...

I'm glad she doesn't need them yet! But if she does eventually, I'm glad that they give a donation with purchase!

Carrie Phelps said...

I have not bought glasses online but I am due to, thanks for the terrific review!

Kat's Fantastical World said...

What a great site! My glasses are getting old, and I am in need of an upgrade. This site has some really neat frames. I love how they give a portion to Unite for Sight. Thanks for the review.

Katie Wurn