Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Popcorn Factory Easter Treats {Review}

The Popcorn Factory logoWhen it comes to planning Easter gifts, children are typically the first on my mind - my own girls as well as our friends (who are more like family). However, when it comes to deciding what to purchase and send, I often find myself searching for items that will delight adults as well as kids. After all, who wants to be left out of the fun?

But finding the middle ground can be difficult, as I want to find just the right item that will provide happy snacking for the grown-ups (meaning not all candy), while still including enough taste and stuffed animal cuteness to bring joy to the kids.

Fortunately, The Popcorn Factory, the site that has been providing people with delicious popcorn and gourmet snack gifts since 1979, has the answer with their Mr. Fun Bunny Easter Pail.

The Popcorn FactoryThe Popcorn Factory pops over 1 million pounds of popcorn per year and each time we have been fortunate to sample some, it has never disappointed. From their wide variety of amazing flavors to their festive, decorative tins, they have continued to provide their customers with tasty goodness year after year.

Which is why when the Mr. Fun Bunny Easter Pail showed up at our house in honor of Easter, I knew that it would include something for every member of my family to enjoy.

Easter tinFeaturing a colorful and cheery 1/2 gallon treat pail brimming with two premium popcorn flavors and Easter candy galore, this tasty treat also included a plush Mr. Cottontail that my girls instantly loved. As he was not only dressed up in his Easter's best, but sitting alongside such yummy snacks, how could he not hop right into their hearts?

Easter BunnyWhile Big Sister E and Little Sister B were getting to know their new 6" stuffed pal, I couldn't wait to pull out the variety of treats that he had brought with him. Unpacking the tin, I found three ounces of S'Mores Corn Popcorn, 1 ounce of White Cheddar Popcorn, a 3/4 ounce Orange Tinted Chocolate Carrot, one ounce of Easter Pectin Beans and one ounce of Bunny Corn. Yum!

Easter candyWith such a variety of items included, the Mr. Fun Bunny Easter Pail is truly a universal gift for everyone to enjoy. From the salty goodness of the premium popcorn to the sweet fruity flavors of the Bunny Corn to the addition of Mr. Cottontail himself, there isn't much missing that your lucky recipient could miss... and they'll be grinning about every tasty morsel!

Happy EasterPlus, as with the rest of their commemorative tins, The Popcorn Factory has made it possible to keep the Easter celebration going long after every kernel of popcorn has been eaten out of this detailed and exclusive Fun Pail.

Why not fill it with ice and use it as a cute ice bucket or beverage cooler for a summer BBQ? Or fill it with plenty of napkins, plates, cups and silverware to have ready to pull out for your next fun spring party?

Easter tinRetailing for $19.99, the Mr. Fun Bunny Easter Pail is one gift option that does it all. With a few clicks on your mouse, you won't have to worry about shopping for gift after gift, as The Popcorn Factory will have the entire thing packed and ready to go for you.

Whatever the occasion, from birthdays to holidays to an entertaining family night to surprising your co-worker, The Popcorn Factory has the crowd-pleasing gifts and great-tasting snacks that everyone can enjoy. As well as all of their flavors of premium popcorn and impressive gift tins, baskets and towers, they back it all with their Popcorn Promise: You and your recipients must be absolutely delighted. Now that's a guarantee!

Find their complete selection of flavors, sizes and gifts right on their website and be sure to connect with The Popcorn Factory on Facebook for the latest and greatest from the company that knows how to do popcorn right.

(Other than the Mr. Fun Bunny Easter Pail that I was sent from The Popcorn Factory, I was not provided with anything or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my opinion of this company and their truly awesome products.)