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More Than Just First Aid: Mommy's Medicine Cabinet {Review & Giveaway}

Mommy's Medicine Cabinet{This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations, The Riebeek Family!}

Early on in being a mom, I liked to think of myself as well-prepared.

Maybe not always on time and maybe not necessarily organized (okay, certainly not organized), but well-prepared. I always had a change of clothes for my baby, an extra pacifier in case of emergency, and I even carried an infant thermometer tucked away in the diaper bag... just in case.

However, as the years have passed, I've loosened up - which has its positives and negatives. I don't spend nearly as much time worrying about every last little thing, which is nice, but, on the flip side, that also means that we have left the house without sippy cups or extra socks when we have needed them.

In fact, now that I don't carry a diaper bag as often as possible, that means that we're without all of the small things that have been stashed in there for when the time arises. Back in the day I was able to pull out a Band-Aid in seconds for one of our young friends when she skinned her knee and now? I don't know, maybe there's one at the bottom of my purse? Maybe?

Thankfully, I'm breathing easier again now that I know any accident, illness or unexpected situation with my kids is covered now that we have Mommy's Medicine Cabinet.

baby shower giftAppearing at first glance as a stylishly elegant travel bag, the "Kate" bag that all of Mommy's Medicine Cabinet's products come in is just the beginning. As I opened the crisp white box that this arrived in, I was struck right away how nice the packaging looked and how easy it would be to give one of these products as a gift.

new mom giftAfter pulling out and examining the beauty of the "Kate" bag itself, I unzipped it right across the middle to see the wonders that awaited me inside.

baby giftAs the bag measures 14.5" x 8", this isn't just a few health care products thrown together. No, the Deluxe Medicine Cabinet contains every single necessity I would have come up with for ages newborn to 6, as well as quite a few that I wouldn't have.

With the wide, roomy pockets on each side, everything from nasal saline to diaper rash ointment to cotton swabs came neatly packed and ready for us. As each side has its own durable double zipper, you have quick access to all of the over-the-counter medicines or first aid items right inside.

No matter if you're taking a day trip, an overnight or an extended vacation, it's all there for you!

children's medicationsI love the overall convenience of one of these fashionable bags and just how easy Mommy's Medicine Cabinet has made it to be prepared for something simple like trimming a fingernail to a larger instance such as a bee sting. I would never have thought to carry bee sting swabs with me, but I can only imagine what a difference they would make when needed!

And if you're looking at the large number of over-the-counter medications included and thinking that it would be a hassle to keep track of expiration dates or recalls, Mommy's Medicine Cabinet has that covered as well. Simplymedicine recalls register your bag right online and they will notify you of all of the information and reminders that pertain to your purchase. You can even quickly order refills for items so that you are always well-stocked!

With summer months approaching, that means more time spent traveling and more time spent outdoors. You never know when your preschooler is going to fall off the swing at the park or your infant will get a fever during your vacation, but having Mommy's Medicine Cabinet at your disposal would be a real timesaver and stress reliever in any number of scenarios that might arise. Mine is never going to leave the car!

Or, just keep it around at home, at the grandparents' house, accessible for a babysitter, or wrapped up for the best baby shower gift around! I always struggle infant medicinestrying to find just the right combination of practicality and cuteness for new moms and any of the three variations of Mommy's Medicine Cabinets available (Infants' for 0-2, Children's for 2-6 or Deluxe for ages 0-6 or multiple children) would be the innovative and extremely-appreciated solution.

For a go-to product to help mend any illnesses or injuries of our little ones, Mommy's Medicine Cabinet is there to take away the worry and chaos of almost any situation. The Infants' and Children's medicine cabinets retail for $59.99 and the Deluxe sells for $79.99 but be sure to enter the coupon code THANKSMAILCARRIER10 to receive a 10% discount!

And, thanks to the generosity of Mommy's Medicine Cabinet, one person will have a stylish way to be prepared for themselves or as an amazing gift, because...

One lucky person will win their choice of Infants' or Children's Medicine Cabinet from Mommy's Medicine Cabinet! ARV $59.99!

Mommy's Medicine Cabinet giveawayTo enter to win: Visit Mommy's Medicine Cabinet and tell me something that you learned or which of their great products is your favorite.

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A big thank you to Mommy's Medicine Cabinet for providing a Deluxe Kate Bag for me to review as well as an Infants' or Children's Medicine Cabinet for one lucky giveaway winner. The opinions shared are my own and honest and if you really need to see more, click here to see how I roll.


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