Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's that time of year again... Ultimate Blog Party 2012!

Ultimate Blog Party

Sure, spring means melting snow and flowers and sunshine... but, in the blogging world, spring can only really mean one thing: Ultimate Blog Party.

As what has turned into an annual event over here, the girls and I are excited to get in on the fun and excitement that only a 3,000+ guest party can bring. Hey, wouldn't be a little pumped up about a virtual gathering like that?

Having participated in UBP in 2011 and 2010, we thought we'd try to fancy things up a bit by wearing our finest gowns this year.

Cinderella costume

As I suspected, however, that just led to things getting a little silly. Not that there's anything wrong with being silly at a party, mind you, but with these two invited, one case of the giggles can send the whole shindig downhill in a hurry.

girls Cinderella costume

In the end, it is best if we stick with just being ourselves, isn't it? Because that's the true meaning of getting together with friends and enjoying meeting new people.

So, after changing back into our everyday attire, now we're comfortable and happy and ready to party.

happy girls

If you aren't here for the Ultimate Blog Party and are wondering what in the world I'm talking about, take my word for it that I'm not just rambling incoherently. The amazing ladies behind 5 Minutes for Mom throw an annual bash (that continues to grow each year) that somehow manages to take the vast hugeness that is the blogosphere and shrink it down into something fun, unique and personal.

By introducing bloggers from all ends of the spectrum to each other, it makes it possible to jump right in and meet new writers from all corners of the earth. In the past two years that we've participated in UBP, I have continued to be amazed at the blogs that I've visited, the people that I've chatted with, and just how much our week was brightened by having new and old friends stop by and comment. On that note...

If you are here for the Ultimate Blog Party, welcome to Thanks, Mail Carrier! Those crazy girls up there and I are glad that you stopped by and we hope that you're having a great time at this unique event. If you feel like entering a giveaway or two or 20 while you're here, please feel free! We do like to give stuff away around here, there's something so satisfying about telling someone that they're a winner. Who doesn't like to hear that?

But even if you don't enter, please do leave a comment! We truly do make our way around to every single visitor's party as soon as possible, so of course we want to know that you stopped by!

You named your blog Thanks, Mail Carrier?

Indeed I did. Although my kids might have a slightly skewed view as to what is "normal" for a mail carrier to deliver on any given day, it's still just as exciting to hear the familiar vrooom of a vehicle coming down our block. It doesn't matter if it's USPS, UPS, or FedEx, you'll still find us peering out the window to try to catch a first glimpse at what might arrive. Who doesn't love getting the mail?

And you are...?

Why, hello! I'm Xenia (pronounced Za-knee-a) and here I am doing my best red-carpet-look-like-a-goon pose last year at BlogHer.

red carpet pose

Enough about me, though. Let's talk about those kiddos of mine up pictured up there and are who are known here on the blog as Big Sister E and Little Sister B.

My 5-year-old, Big Sister E, is intelligent, caring, creative, inventive, beautiful, extremely stubborn and is thrilled over recently having lost her first two teeth. She loves books, games, arts & crafts, being adored by her sister, preschool, swim lessons, and her best friend (who loves bugs. Which is ironic, as Big Sister E strongly has my run-shrieking-from-the-room-at-the-first-sign-of-a-spider gene).

big sister

Then there's my 3-year-old, Little Sister B. From birth she has been sweet, happy, independent, loud, bull-headed, and my funny little comedienne. She likes giving her sister big hugs, pretending with play food, playing in the dirt, and jumping. Lots of jumping. She's a crazy one, that girl, but her energy and enthusiasm for life never cease to inspire me.

little sister

Together, the three of us (and Daddy too, every now and again) have been reviewing products and sites from all across the spectrum since 2009. From apparel to jewelry to food to household items to music to shoes to toys to gear to technology... to everything in between - we've worked hard but have also enjoyed doing it more than I ever would have guessed.

But while blogging has introduced me to opportunities and experiences that I never would have expected or thought possible, none of it compares to the people that I've met and the friendships that I've made over the years. This community may be bigger than I can imagine and growing by the day, but I am so grateful and glad to be a part of it with all of you. If you're a hugger, I've got one here for you... if not, hey, that's okay, too. High five!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Don't be a stranger, come back and visit anytime, we're always happy to have people stop over. Now, go enjoy the rest of the party and we'll be sure to say hello when we come stop by your place!


Jenny said...

I can't believe it's time for this party again! I'll have to participate this year, I missed it last year.

Great pics! The kids look so happy in their princess gowns!

Unknown said...

Lovely photos :) Hope you have fun and enjoy the party!

If you have a minute please stop by my blog as well!

Sippy Cup Mom said...

Woo-hoo! Party time! Love all of the pics!

Jenna said...

Stopping in to say Hi! What sweetie pies you have!

Cascia Talbert said...

Thanks for stopping by The Healthy Moms Magazine! Glad to get to know you better.

Juliana RW said...

Hello.... I come for the party ^___^ I found your site from UBP 2012. Hope you come to my party post too, While you are there, feel free to enter our current giveaway (few of them in cash). Thank you.

Juliana RW

Ps: lovely photos :D

TheAtticGirl said...

You dressed up just for me? So sweet! Those dresses are lovely and so are the girls.

Love your blogher pose. Seriously red carpet.

Hope you'll stop by on the party train:

Pamela Scott said...

Hello, I love the pictures!you got some real cuties there!!! I hope you'll stop by my party as well and say hello!!! Happy party hopping from UBP 2012!

Sara said...

Hi, just stopping in from the UBP12 party. Love the girls in their princess dresses! My girls love to dress up too, especially my Miss Terrible Two! Enjoy the party!

Ms POSH said...

Your daughter is really cute.
I had a great time at Blogher last year. I can't wait till NYC.

Stopping by from UBP to say hello.
Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

i LOVE the mail man! it's always so fun to get freebies and things i've won in the mail! i think your blog is my new fave =] if you get a chance, stop by my corner of the party and say hi!

Terra Heck said...

I've been a follower and a subscriber for a while now but wanted to stop by from the UBP and say hi. I'm a fan of your blog and all that you do with it. I like when the mail carrier arrives at my door too!

Ellisen said...

A totally heart-warming post today. Lovely photos, fantastic words. You're the best! :)

Nikki said...

I really need a princess dress. Hey, even grown women need to be princesses every once in a while. Your little girl is so beautiful, by the way!

Stephanie said...

I've been a follower for a while now, but stopping by from the UBP to say Hello!
Love the pic of you on the red carpet! I was there last year too:)

MommyMandi said...

What cute girls. And you have some spunk too! I can hear it in your writing and your beautiful red carpet picture. Stopping by to party from

TerriAnn @ Cookies and Clogs said...

Aww, I was hoping to see you in your Cinderella dress too! Just wanted to say 'hi' as I'm hopping the UBP linky :)

TerriAnn @ Cookies & Clogs

Unknown said...

Your daughter is such a cutie! I love your dress!

Stopping from the UBP!

Diana @ Toronto Teacher Mom said...

OMG your daughters are so adorable! And you look great on the red carpet, Xenia. I have a ticket for BlogHer this summer but I'm still not sure if I'll go. I really, really want to, though!

Enjoy the rest of UBP12!

Toronto Teacher Mom - UBP

annies home said...

such cute comments I have followed your blog for some time and will continue to do so because I think you do an awesome job

Alissa said...

Love the adorable dress up shots. And, is that photo from BlogHer from the Cheap Sally party?

I'm now following you on Twitter too.

Shanna said...

Joining the Party #UBP12.Following along and wanna invite you to
Already a follower but wanted to say hi and party with you!!!

Scented Leaf said...

Indeed, the 'blogging world' is growing daily. Hope you had a great time.

won said...

I love the giggles! So precious.

And little sister's necklace in the last photo?

My daughter had one like it. Thanks for that memory :)

Unknown said...

First let me say I LOVE LOVE LOVE your post for the party. Which is now making me think mine really sucks at this point.. umm yeah.. What are the odds I can trade ya a boy for a girl?? NO huh.. well darn can't blame me for trying. Will be coming back to check out more of your place and nice to see you at the party...

juliehallfeldhaus said...

Can't wait to check out your blog some more. I'll be back:)

Brimful Curiosities said...

Venturing here by way of UBP. Such cute girls! That tree piece necklace in the last photo is pretty darn awesome. I might have to steal that craft idea.

Randomly Fascinated said...

Joining the party! Cute post! Come visit me at

"Iowa Mom" said...

You look fantastic. I don't think I have ever seen a photo of you other than a head shot! Way to go mom.

Jenny said...

Heyo from the party & nice to meet you :)

~ Jenny
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Christina said...

Christina - - I've loved your site and entered contests here for quite a few years now! Happy Blog Party 2012! Also love the photo of you!

Cher said...

Love the party dresses!

Naptime Review said...

New follower from UBP! Would love for you to stop by! I love all your pics! Pretty daughter ;)

Unknown said...

new follower from the UBP-your daughter is adorable!!