Sunday, November 18, 2012

Chef's Planet Nonstick Ovenliners {Review}

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With the arrival of Thanksgiving this week and Christmas and Hannukah right around the corner, everyone is gearing up for showing their gratitude, love and devotion to their families.

Oh, come on, admit it. You're also really looking forward to the food.

Whether it's the turkey, potatoes, casseroles, rolls, vegetables, ham, stuffing or pies, pies, pies, I don't know too many people that are unhappy about all of the cooking, baking and eating that comes along with the holidays.

Unless you're the one cleaning up the messy aftermath.

Because even though the gooey apple pies, cheesy lasagnas and bubbling casseroles are delicious, the idea of scrubbing down the pots, pans and crusted on drips and crumbs at the bottom of the oven is not one that inspires me to head into the kitchen.

Fortunately, this year I'm no longer worried about a good portion of the clean-up now that I know my oven is going to stay clean and clear with the Nonstick Ovenliners from Chef's Plant.

nonstick oven liner

If you're looking for a way to spend more time enjoying your delicious meals with friends and family, Chef's Planet Nonstick Ovenliners are just the thing. This secret to never having to clean after messy items drip, leave crumbs and spill onto the bottom of your oven makes it possible to save time and make life in the kitchen more simple and less stressful.

As cleaning my oven has always been near the very bottom of my list of favorite things to do, I couldn't wait to put these Nonstick Ovenliners to the test.

Chef's Planet Nonstick Ovenliners review

Right away, I was struck with just how strong and durable the Ovenliner felt, making me think that this truly is a product that will last for quite some time to come.

The commercial-grade thickness ensures that it will hold up to pans being placed directly on it, and the 23" x 16.25" size is just right for any standard 30" oven. I love that Chef's Planet also makes it possible to trim the Ovenliner if your oven is smaller... or you could even trim it further to fit your microwave or toaster oven!

Chef's Planet Nonstick Ovenliner review

Putting this product to use is a no-brainer. Simply unroll, place on the bottom wire rack of the oven (not on the floor of the oven), ensure that it doesn't touch the walls or door, and you're set to go! You have the option of simply leaving the Ovenliner on the bottom rack while you place your dishes on the top rack, or you can actually place baking dishes and pans directly on the Ovenliner's surface as well.

Considering that the bottom of my oven has seen better days...

dirty oven

...I couldn't be happier about how much this Nonstick Ovenliner has already helped me.

oven liner

Now there is never any worry when I place a dessert, pizza, casserole or more in the oven, as any splatters, spills, crumbs and drips land right on the Ovenliner. After it is cool, it hardly takes a minute to slide it out, wash it off in soapy water (it can actually go in the dishwasher as well!), wipe it dry, and replace it right back into the oven for next time.

As the Ovenliner is reusable on either side, I don't even have to worry that I (or my husband, actually) will replace this upside down. It just slides right in either way and is ready for my next baking masterpiece!

nonstick ovenliners

I am NEVER going back to cooking or baking without the Nonstick Ovenliner again! It does the perfect job of shielding and protecting the bottom of my oven from any mess that might occur and it hasn't shown a bit of wear and tear since it arrived.

This holiday season (and beyond), give yourself the gift of less work thanks to the Nonstick Ovenliners from Chef's Planet. No scraping, scrubbing or elbow grease required, simply bring home an Ovenliner and make it do the dirty work for you.

Retailing for $19.99, the Nonstick Ovenliner can be purchased at Bed Bath & Beyond, Williams-Sonoma, Sur La Table, or online at, and To find out more about this and all of Chef's Planet's innovative products, visit them on their website as well as on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.

Plus, right now Chef's Planet is hosting a fun Messy Recipe Contest on Facebook for all sorts of great prizes! Head over by December 31, 2012 and submit your original recipe today for a chance to win!

(Other than the Nonstick Ovenliner I was provided by Chef's Planet to facilitate my review, I was not compensated or enticed to do this review in any way. This post is solely my honest opinion of this product.)


FireRunner2379 said...

Even with self cleaning ovens it would still be nice to have this. I don't use the self clean feature but twice a year or so but I should do it more. This would really be nice for lasagna and pie, I am always overfilling these dishes.

Liz Mays said...

So it would stop that burning smell that tips me off I had a spill I didn't know about from the time before! Those spills are so annoying and so impossible to clean. This is awesome!

Brigid Pitts said...

These look awesome. I am curious though - when you place your pan directly on top of the liner, does it take longer for the bottom of your food to get cooked?

Xenia said...

Great question, Brigid! So far I haven't experienced any difference in cooking times when I'm using this liner as compared to when I'm not - it has been doing a great job of keeping my oven clean!

-Xenia @ Thanks, Mail Carrier

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

This would be nice for the kitchen.