Tuesday, November 20, 2012

KOOSH STAR SCOUT Ball Launcher & Ball Refills {Review}

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I know for a fact that I'm not the only parent that wishes that they could have even a fraction of their children's energy. How do they seem to be able to go, go, go all day long, always eager for pretty much any sort of action and adventure that comes their way?

While my kids are often happy simply being outside running around in the yard, I also know that it doesn't hurt to add in a fun, easy to use, entertaining toy to ramp up the excitement just a little bit.

Which is why I wasn't surprised to see their eyes light up with the arrive of the KOOSH STAR SCOUT Ball Launcher and Ball Refill Pack from Hasbro.

Koosh Star Scout Ball Launcher

Allowing kids to explore the galaxy with quick-blasting action, this ball launcher is sized just right for little hands and is easily used with a simple pull-to-launch motion. While the launcher comes complete with two orange foam balls of its own, refill packs are also available in multiple fun color and design combinations.

As soon as these bright toys arrived, it didn't take long before we were eager to start on our own action-packed good time with them.

KOOSH Ball Launcher

Pulling the launcher and balls out of the packaging took only a minute or two and, considering there was zero assembly required, we were instantly ready to head outside to put them to the test.


Hasbro truly couldn't have made the KOOSH STAR SCOUT Ball Launcher any easier! The minimal instructions right on the box summed it up perfectly...

KOOSH STAR SCOUT Ball Launcher instructions

...as you really just pop a ball right into the front, pull back on the handle, and watch it fly!

KOOSH STAR SCOUT Ball Launcher review

I was happy to see that the KOOSH foam balls really shoot quite a distance, while they are also soft enough that they don't at all hurt if they end up off target and accidentally hit a sibling (even though my kids have been thoroughly instructed to not aim at people with this).

Instead, they have had a great time loading, shooting, loading, shooting, loading, and shooting again!

playing with KOOSH
They even love doing the "Easter egg hunt" to go retrieve all of the balls!

Designed for ages 4 and up, the KOOSH STAR SCOUT Ball Launcher retails for $12.99 (slightly less on Amazon.com) and Ball Refill Packs sell for $6.49 (also on Amazon.com).

I would also recommend picking up the KOOSH GALAXY KOOSH Ball Clip for $6.49 (on Amazon.com), as having an easy way to store and transport the balls would be the perfect accessory!

KOOSH Ball Clip
Clips right on to the Ball Launcher itself or a child's belt

However, with or without the Ball Clip, Hasbro has designed the KOOSH STAR SCOUT Ball Launcher so that children of all ages can have an imaginative, active, laughter-filled great time going on mission after mission to save the galaxy, battle the dragons or defeat the bad guys with this kid-friendly, colorful, easy to use toy.

Find out much more about the STAR SCOUT Ball Launcher as well as the complete line of great KOOSH toys and balls on Hasbro's website, as well as connecting with them on Facebook and Twitter.

(Other than the STAR SCOUT and Ball Refills that I received from Hasbro to facilitate my review, I was not provided with anything or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my honest opinion of this product.)


sunnymum said...

Hadn't seen this before, but I know it would be well loved by my kids. I like the bright patterns of the balls.