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JumpSport iBounce Trampoline New Animated Adventures {Review}

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While it's hard enough to come up with gift ideas for kids sometimes, I always feel the added pressure when trying to find an idea that will actually continue the fun and enjoyment longer than a few days. After all, no matter how interesting a board game or action figure seems, they won't have done all that much good if they just ends up stashed on a shelf for the next few years.

On that note, when a company not only comes up with an innovative, entertaining product but then continues to find ways to inspire kids to return to it time and time again, I know that I've found a winner.

In this case, I couldn't have been more excited to extend my girls' love for their iBounce Kids Trampoline from JumpSport.

JumpSport iBounce Trampoline

Back in March, the girls and I had the pleasure of writing an iBounce Trampoline review, and truly, the enjoyment hasn't lessened. This kids' trampoline has kept its prominent spot in the center of the playroom and has been jump, jump, jumped on by both of my kids as well as many of their friends many times over the past months.

As well as the unique aspect of having a fun, bouncy trampoline right in the house, kids are always especially entertained when we include our favorite animated kangaroo, RompyRoo. This charming little cartoon character encourages kids to stay active and hop along with him to learn basic movement skills and counting concepts as they bounce up, over and around during the course of his adventure, Where is Mr. Fuzzy?

As the iBounce comes complete with its own tablet mount (that is adjustable to fit an iPad, Kindle, Kindle Fire, Samsung and most other tablets), we have had no problem watching RompyRoo right on my iPad or on the television. We love this friendly little guy!


So, just in time for the holiday season (and to provide exercise and learning throughout the cold winter months), JumpSport has rolled out two new animated adventures for RompyRoo in Let The Games Begin! and The Grand Finale! that I knew my girls would be excited to see.

What better way to keep kids hopping as they develop balance and coordination while at the same time learning to listen carefully and follow directions?

JumpSport iBounce DVDs

As with before, I adore that JumpSport has made it possible to use these DVDs with a TV or by loading them right onto your computer and then transferring them to a tablet. I appreciate the flexibility, as this makes it possible for users who might not have a television located near their iBounce to still view the adventures... as well as those that don't own a tablet (or just don't let their kids use it) to enjoy them as well.

Either method only takes a few moments, and the result is a whole lot of bouncing and jumping fun!

JumpSport iBounce RompyRoo

As with our experience with Where is Mr. Fuzzy?, both kids have had a great time with both of the new adventures and have watched them time and time again.

Let the Games Begin! has a running time of just under 15 minutes (a great amount for entertainment and exercise, without tiring kids out too much or losing their attention) and brings kids on an educational adventure with numbers, letters, colors and much more.

I love that my girls are so engaged and excited about jumping and following RompyRoo through the land of dinosaurs, exploring a farm, skiing down mountain slopes and flying an airplane that they don't even realize that they're learning. There is even included bonus material that takes kids through three, 5-minute children's workouts full of jumps, squats, arm movements and more.

RompyRoo Let the Games Begin

In The Grand Finale! children progress from the counting, letters and colors learned in Let the Games Begin! while still making learning fun and active. Kids learn concepts such as counting backward, the names of colors and all of the letters of the alphabet while being challenged to navigate a virtual obstacle course (complete with quicksand and a muddy river) and trail race near RompyRoo's home.

This DVD also includes bonus material that takes kids through three, 5-minute children's workouts that are a lot of fun while providing great exercise!

RompyRoo Grand Finale

I'm thrilled that the kids have been so excited about both new RompyRoo animated adventures and that JumpSport has provided such an easy way to keep the overall iBounce experience updated and fresh. While they've had a great time with the original video these past few months, now having the choice between the three just ensures that they are going to be doing even more jumping in the future!

For owners of the iBounce kids trampoline, these new adventures would make a perfect holiday gift this year to keep the excitement going for this unique product. For those that have been considering purchasing the iBounce, now would be the perfect time for that as well!

Be sure to visit our original review for more details on this innovative, easily assembled item (designed for ages 2-5 or up to 80 lbs) to see our complete thoughts on why this mini-trampoline can provide kids with years of fun while learning basic bouncing activities.

JumpSport iBounce trampoline review

We're not the only ones that are impressed with the iBounce, as it has currently won a total of eight toy industry awards! Anything that takes home the Spring 2012 National Parenting Center Seal of Approval, Spring 2012 Parents' Choice Foundation Award, 2012 Family Review Center Seal of Approval, 2012 Mom's Choice Awards - Gold, and more is definitely something that you're going to want to see!

Retailing for $129.95 directly from JumpSport (also available on Amazon), this trampoline is sure to bring enjoyment to preschoolers everywhere. The iBounce includes the first DVD, Where is Mr. Fuzzy? and the two new DVDs, Let The Games Begin! and The Grand Finale!, can be purchased separately for $9.95 each (or from iTunes for $4.99).

For more information about the iBounce and its newest RompyRoo DVDs/downloadable videos, visit the JumpSport website and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

Other than the two DVDs that I was provided by JumpSport to facilitate my review, I was not compensated or enticed to do this review in any way. This post is solely my honest opinion of these products.


brandyk said...

this is currently on sale at costco for 99$.

brandyk said...

and i see that amazon price matched! ours is arriving today. hope the elves can stash it away. i bought it in part based on your original review.

Jessica Allen said...

You won't be disappointed! :) I won ours from Xenia here on Thanks Mail Carrier & my children use it daily! They absolutely love it!