Friday, November 30, 2012

A Deliciously Good Time at Scooops Kid Spa Salon {Now Open in Madison, WI!}

Scooops Kids Spa logo
While having a household with two girls has its hardships at times (hello, Drama Queen x 2!), it also has some fun perks. Reliving the tea parties and doll playing of my youth, teasing my husband about being wholly outnumbered, and having built-in pals that are lucky to go to the spa with me, just to name a few.

However, the tides have turned now.

Now that Scooops Kid Spa Salon has arrived at Hilldale Mall here in Madison, Wisconsin, it's not that I have pals that are lucky to go to the spa with me. Considering the place was designed and created to pretty much match their dreams, it would be more accurate to say that I am the lucky one who gets to the spa with the girls!

Scooops Kid Spa Salon

Offering a place for girls to "chill" on a giant banana split, receive ice cream-themed manicures and pedicures, enjoy picture perfect hairdos and just have fun, Scooops Kid Spa Salon has taken the spa experience and made it perfectly kid-size.

The girls and I had the extreme pleasure of attending the grand opening event for Scooops this week and I'm not sure which one of us was the most excited about it. As soon as I told them that we were going to a spa that was inspired by ice cream, they were more than ready to go!

We were barely in the front doors before their eyes were the size of saucers as they raced from the banana split bench to checking out all of the adorable items for sale to making a celebratory ice cream sundae of their own.

Scooops Kid Spa Hilldale

While the girls happily enjoyed their ice cream...

ice cream at Scooops
Thanks to Scooops for this adorable photo!
...I took in all of the amenities and offerings that Scooops has for its pint-size customers.

With three main areas of the salon, girls are in for the hair or nail experiences of their dreams. First, in the hair station, guests choose their personal cape "flavor" (chocolate, vanilla or strawberry), and get to enjoy the yummy flavors of organic products used during the haircut and/or style.

From cuts to styles to up-dos, hair feathers, braiding and much more, girls sit in salon chairs that are just their size to enjoy their pampering! Big Sister E was a big fan of the chairs and it was great to see the enjoyment that all of the girls displayed throughout the evening.

Scooops kids haircuts

Further on in the salon, there are two designated manicure and pedicure stations with room for multiple kids to participate at once.

We couldn't believe the huge number of nail polish colors to choose from and the girls definitely couldn't wait to don their tiaras and plush pink robes and have their nails painted by someone who knows how to do a better job than Mom!

Scooops kids spa

While the girls enjoyed their Mouthwatering Manicure (their hands were even wrapped in warm towels and softened with ice cream-scented lotion!) I took a peek into the two party rooms that Scooops has to make their spa a perfect birthday party or special day celebration location.

With a variety of packages available, girls can have a party with 6 - 10 guests that includes a variety of spa services, swag bags, goodies and more. And, when the attendees aren't lounging in the mani or pedi areas, you'll have plenty of space to spread out cake, ice cream, presents and more.

Scooops has even formed a perfect partnership with Gigi's Cupcakes (right down the block) to create their own signature banana split cupcake that would be a perfect party treat. Seriously amazing!

Scooops birthday party

From Neapolitan-imagined spa experiences to deliciously adorable haircuts, Scooops Kid Spa Salon is the perfect place for girls to do it all.

We had a wonderful time visiting, seeing so many yummy and unique products, participating in a little pampering, and cheering on the owners and staff as they cut the pink ribbon to officially open this Madison location.

Scooops grand opening

Considering how much the girls both loved it at Scooops, I have no doubt that we will be visiting again for their future haircuts as well as just to have a way to make our day a little extra sweet!

I just hope that they aren't too disappointed when Violet from Great Wolf Lodge isn't there all the time!

Scooops review

If you have a girl in your life that would have a blast having an tasty good time at a spa designed just for kids, then you've got to check out Scooops Kid Spa Salon! Visit their website to find out all about their services, parties, gift cards (what a great present!), locations and more, and be sure to connect with them on Facebook and Twitter as well.

My family was invited to the grand opening event by Scooops Kid Spa Salon in Hilldale and received complimentary services and gift bags. However, all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own and were not required. We just had such a great time that we had to share!