Friday, November 16, 2012

Glad Bags Make Even the Most Daunting Household Clean-Ups Seem Manageable

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When my husband and I first moved into our home back in 2003, the amount of space almost seemed so... endless. What were we going to do with these rooms? These completely empty closets? The vast openness in the basement?

Fast-forward nine years and here we are with what feels like every nook and cranny filled with someone or something. While I don't claim to be blameless, I'm not exaggerating when I look at my children and sometimes wonder how it is possible for two people who are so small to make messes that are so large.

And, as they get older, it's like the messes are proportionately increasing with them as well. Are we destined to be living in a house resembling those seen on Hoarders by the time the girls hit the teenage years?

Fortunately, there is one company that always makes it possible to always stay on top of things, whether that means tossing out trash, donating unneeded items or just bagging things up and storing them out of the way: Glad Bags.

Glad bags

Glad Bags help make even the most daunting household clean-ups seem manageable, which is why we have multiple boxes of them around our house. From yard work to cleaning out the garage, these durable, high quality bags prove the ideal companion in tackling any mess.

There is no doubt that we have filled these bags with everything from piles of outgrown clothing to remnants of broken toys to the remains after a birthday party and have been happy with the strong, tear-free results. I love knowing that I can pull the drawstrings tight to hold in any mess or smells and that the stretchable, flexible bags are the ultimate in quality.

Glad Bag strength

As an added bonus to the sturdy, stretchy, large size of these Glad Bags, my kids have seen for themselves that just about anything can go inside of them.

Meaning, when I threaten to bring a single garbage bag into their bedrooms and throw away everything that is left laying out on the floor, they know that I can really fit a whole lot in there!

peeking out
I'll clean it! I'll clean it!

With the holidays right around the corner and the additional guests, entertaining and cleaning that we will surely be doing, I have no doubt that Glad will be there for us to help with the extra clean-up.

However, no matter what sort of chaos it looks like in my home, at least I can rest assured that I'm not going to make it onto Glad's new Facebook series, OMG Extra: After the Wild Life.

After the Wild Life

Glad has partnered with Mom of four and reality TV star Tori Spelling to host this fun new series, which features the loveable, messy animals from last year's mock reality series The Wild Life. Whether a child or spouse who wreaks havoc, we can all relate to messy family members and you're not going to want to miss these hilarious clips!

As a bonus, while you're over checking in with Tori, there is a fun Missing in the Mess game that you're going to want to play as well.

missing in the mess game

Find out what's been buried in the trash in this cute game designed to test how observant you are. Each round has two photos side-by-side and the goal is to spot the differences between them as quickly as possible... and I can honestly say that I've never had so much fun sifting through garbage!

Whether you focus your cleaning efforts on collecting dried balls of Play-doh from under the couch or week-old pizza slices from under your teenager's bed, Glad has the products, information, videos and games that can make it all a little easier. Be sure to visit with them at as well as on Facebook and Twitter to find out just how crazy your life is compared to what's going on After the Wild Life.

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Glad. I received products to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.