Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Power Tower Track Set {Review}

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While I am sure to always praise my children and encourage their creativity in nearly everything that they do, I have to admit that there are times when... I'm bored.

There, I said it. But if you're a parent, I know you agree!

Because even though we love seeing our children come up with all sorts of imaginative adventures with toys of all kinds, I just know that I'm not the only mom to ever have to stifle a yawn when my daughter brings me my play shopping cart full of pretend food that I need to checkout for the hundredth time.

Which is why there is a small part of me that gets just as excited as they do when we open a toy and find something that is innovative, unique and can truly bring entertainment to all ages.

 And that's exactly what happened when the Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Power Tower Track Set arrived!

Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Power Tower Track Set

Providing nonstop, action-packed excitement for Hot Wheels cars, this wall-mounted racing set features a motorized elevator and thrilling danger zones for the ultimate in continuous stunts, speed, turns, and tricks! What fan of cars wouldn't be excited about getting to see their autos soar across the tracks while being attached right to the wall?

As both of my girls like to race and zoom their cars with the best of them, we couldn't wait to open up the Power Tower Track Set and put it to use.

Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Power Tower Tracks review

Right out of the box... I was a little intimidated by the number of pieces that this set included.

Hot Wheels Wall Tracks assembly

However, thanks to the clear, illustrated instructions, it didn't take too long to fit one piece into the next as I put the track together. After placing the background poster and attaching the brackets securely to the wall with the included 3M adhesive strips...

Hot Wheels Wall Tracks brackets

...I was able to simply place the Power Tower into place and put the finishing touches on connecting the whole thing together.

Hot Wheels Power Tower Tracks review


If I had any doubts about the action and adventure that this set would provide, they immediately disappeared as soon as we began playing. After installing the two D batteries (not included), the entire set is controlled by simply turning on the easily-accessible power switch...

power tower power switch

...and the fun begins.

The motorized elevator brings cars to the top of the tower, where there are different options for diversion. Go in one direction and your car heads straight down a slope, navigates a turn, and encounters a car-crushing monster with opening and closing jaws!

car monster

Or, to avoid the car chomper, move the diverter to take an alternate route that takes your car through an immediate turnout of the lift. From there, your car must pass a swinging saw blade that threatens to knock it off. This nonstop action is all about timing and strategy!

car saw

With so many exciting danger zones throughout this track set, this is definitely one way to keep the Hot Wheels energy level going strong. From the twists and turns to the wonder of if your car will survive its trip down the track and safely back to the Power Tower elevator, the action and liveliness is nonstop.

While the right speed and skill does play a part in keeping your car on the track (versus getting sent straight to the trash heap if your vehicle is knocked off or eaten by the car-hungry monster!) this toy has a way of providing thrilling go-rounds no matter how much a child has managed to be successful. In fact, seeing the monster chomp down on your car is nearly just as fun as seeing your ride make it back to the top of the tower!

This set includes one Hot Wheels car, but up to 12 cars can be loaded into the Power Tower elevator at a time, making it easy for multiple kids to play at once (or for one or two kids to have a whole fleet to take care of).

Easy to assemble and attach to the wall, not only is this track fun for kids, but what mom wouldn't love a toy that is permanently picked up and out of the way? No more stepping on random tracks or pieces when they're all hanging right on the play room or bedroom wall!

The Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Power Tower Track Set typically retails for $44.99 but is currently on sale from Mattel or on Amazon for $38.99. Check out this video to see the track in action and find out more information.

You'll also want to connect with Hot Wheels on Facebook and Twitter and see more about the whole Wall Tracks collection on As all of the sets can be connected together, this just might be the start of an interactive wall art masterpiece!

Other than the Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Power Tower Track Set that I was provided by Mattel to facilitate my review, I was not compensated or enticed to do this review in any way. This post is solely my honest opinion of this product.


Jessica Allen said...

Looks great! We love hot wheels! I will have to check this out for Big Brother C! :)

blessnel said...

Hot wheels have been such a favorite for a long time...thanks for reviewing this so that we can buy!