Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Allergy Sufferer? Don't Let Them Keep You From Enjoying Summer!

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Now that it's time to head outdoors and enjoy the sunshine, I consider myself extremely lucky that I don't have any allergies (or at least any that I know of). Even better than that, neither does my husband or, so far, either of our children. I just couldn't imagine our time spent playing in the yard or at the park being marred by sneezing, watery eyes, and worse.

Of course now by having written this, I'll wake up tomorrow and find that I can't go outside due to nonstop wheezing... but I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed that it won't happen.

Unfortunately for many, many adults and children out there, allergies are a way of life and the conditions that they have to deal with as a result (anything from chest tightening to coughing or more) are frustrating and can be harmful if left untreated.

With the air full of pollen and other allergens (there were so many things floating around yesterday that Big Sister E said it looked like it was snowing) that just trying to go outside can easily turn into a nightmare for allergy sufferers.

So what is there to do? Hide out in your home and not enjoy the beautiful weather? No one wants to do that... not to mention that there are plenty of allergy-causing aspects found indoors that can leave eyes itching just as much.

Instead there are a number of great tips and ideas to follow that can make your indoor and outdoor spaces stylish, functional, and allergy-friendly and these are just a tiny sampling of them:

  • Opt for hardwood floors instead of carpeting.
  • Utilize an air purifier to ensure that you have the cleanest indoor air possible.
  • Always wash all bedding and towels in hot water and choose hypoallergenic fabrics for your bedding.
  • Keep areas as clean and dust-free as possible.
  • As peak pollen production happens early in the morning, spend your time outside later in the day to minimize exposure to allergens.
  • Some plants are more "low-allergy" than others, so be sure to do your research before choosing your options.
  • Plant both flowering trees and bold greenery instead of pollen-producing plants in your garden.
But keeping your home clean and your yard allergen-free doesn't mean that you have to forgive style. Don't forget to include things like a new coat of paint, updated throw pillows, or decorative rugs or slipcovers (both easily washable!) to add your personal touch to brighten up your living spaces this spring.

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Liz Mays said...

I love when the cars are coated in green dust, don't you? Allergy season stinks!

kailani said...

Kiana suffers from allergies. Poor thing . . . she can barely breathe at times!