Friday, June 24, 2011

Health and Safety: Bike Helmets

The list of things that are different for my children versus my own childhood seems to continue to get longer and longer.

Things like cell phones at age 8, being able to pause live television, and keeping busy during long car trips by watching movies or playing a handheld video game (versus the good old standbys of the Alphabet Game or the License Plate Game).

I wouldn't say those are negative changes, they're just a more... advanced way of life for kids these days.

However, there are definitely positive changes that have been made from decades ago, many of which are in the form of safety measures that are now in place.

For instance, we know so much more now about harmful ingredients in plastics or chemicals on foods that the next generation is already being raised with much less of a chance of damaging effects from them.

Also, I don't remember ever sitting in a car seat when I was a kid. Whereas now kids are recommended to stay in the backseat until they are over 12, I have a clear recollection of it being a big deal for my brother and I to take turns riding in the front when we went places throughout my entire childhood.

Then there's helmets. Considering that biking isn't one of the activities that we do now, I have still never once owned a bicycle helmet. In fact, they're not even something that I feel like I even notice in the stores... to be honest, I really only give helmets a second glance when they show up on my own kids.

As I'm not planning on taking up biking as a hobby any time soon (possibly when the girls are older, I suppose), I have a feeling that browsing sites like Helmet City now would result in completely different and more futuristic helmets by the time I was actually ready to purchase one. Not to mention that if I feel confused now, what might the advancements of five more years bring?

Bell helmet? Giro helmet? Aerodynamic? Full coverage? Special shoes to go with them?

I think I'm in over my head. Literally.

For now, I'm sticking with walking. It just seems less complicated.

Do you enjoying riding a bicycle (with or without your family)? Do you wear a helmet 100% of the time?



Kathy said...

To me walking is the best way to go. My children have bikes, but where we live there's precious little places to ride completely safe. They're all grown too -
Years back, our children gifted us with a two seater bike. It's lots of fun! We occasionally ride - but have not work helmets. Never thought to.

Anonymous said...

You are spot on. I don't remember car seats or booster seats, sure we had them but not for as long as our children have to have them. Cell phones I never had my first one til I was almost 20! How crazy is that now all the tweens have them or younger. I never ever wore a helmet still don't but you better believe my kiddos do. It's a must for their safety!