Monday, June 6, 2011

Healthy Snacking with the Sargento Cheese Fridge Pack {Review}

Sargento logoHere it is June already and that means that along with school being let out and summer temperatures hitting in full swing, that 2011 is just about halfway over. How in the world that could possibly be, I have no idea.

So... how did your New Year's resolutions pan out for the first half of the year?

If you're like me, you might be mostly laughing at the absurdity of that question.

However, my annual goal to eat healthier and lose some weight this year has actually been achieved a bit... but could always use a little more support. In the effort to extend the spring cleaning from our closets into my whole family's eating habits a little more, we are continually working to replace chips and cookies with nutrient-rich snacks like fruits, vegetables and cheeses.

Fortunately, this spring Sargento has made healthier snacking even easier thanks to their new Fridge Pack collection.

Sargento Fridge PackA new way to keep delicious, protein-filled snacks conveniently on hand, these individually-wrapped, 100% natural cheese sticks can now stay front and center in your refrigerator instead of getting buried behind the yogurts and under the tortillas.

When a large box from Sargento arrived, I liked the way that they were ready to encourage our healthy eating right from the start.

Sargento blog tourOpening things up, I found the Colby-Jack, Light String Cheese, and Mild Cheddar varieties awaiting us.

Fridge Pack varietiesAs well as being perfectly portioned for snacking (or even the occasional cooking), having these cheese sticks in the Fridge Pack just make it so easy to grab and go when you need one.

Pulling off the angled top of the packaging, the stand-alone boxes fit perfectly into the refrigerator shelf or door and keep them from being lost and forgotten... not to mention that when I pull open the fridge when the kids are, "Hungry! Soooo hungryyyy!" that I find myself continually relieved that I can make a healthy choice for them with ease.

I tried keeping the Light String Cheese separate in hopes that I would get to have some for myself and not feel as though I'm breaking my diet... but the kids have devoured them anyway.

As well as enjoying the delicious flavors and being able to quickly hand over a cheese stick at mealtime or toss them into our bag for lunchtime on the go, I appreciate that the Fridge Pack has the ability to keep the cheese organized better so that I know when we're running low and accessible so that Big Sister E could actually get one out herself.

All in all, my entire family loves cheese and Sargento has made it just that much easier to have a healthy, tasty snack instead of reaching for some junk food. Having a Fridge Pack or two handy is a great way to increase the calcium and vitamins that my kids receive while passing along the message that healthy snack options are available and are delicious.

Retailing for around $6.99, find out more about the new Sargento Fridge Pack on their website and look for the four flavors at stores near you.

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Sargento and received product samples and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.


Anonymous said...

I have to check the stores for the light. I love my string cheese and apple snack. Loving the fridge pack!