Monday, June 20, 2011

Nutrisystem {Week 25}

Nutrisystem BloggersThis past week was a bit stressful in that I spent quite a few late nights preparing to hold a garage sale.

When I mentioned to people that is what I was doing, I received quite a few responses that I was either brave or crazy... or both. The amount of time, work, and the chance that you'll have people come who are a tad strange (to put it nicely) are apparently not something that everyone enjoys.

I wholeheartedly agree, however, with the state of the clutter in our house, I felt that I had no other choice. Things were clearly out of control and, even though things went really well and a lot of items sold, we still have more than enough things to hold another one in the upcoming weeks.

Where does Nutrisystem fit into my garage sale?

In the process of setting up this year, I found a large container or two of clothes that I had left over from last year's sale (yes, this seems to have turned into an annual thing). The reason I had been attempting to sell them last summer was because they were too small.

As I browsed through them to see what was there, I had the shocking revelation that I was still not going to keep any of the items... because they were now all too large.

I know I say this every week, but I really didn't believe that being a part of the Nutrisystem Nation would be this amazingly successful. Prior to starting this program, I thought about my weight every single day and just how unhappy I was with myself. I'm still not at my goal right now, but I'm SO much closer than I ever even imagined that sometimes I think this must be a dream.

I'm at the point now where I would love to see the scale continue to go down each week, but I also know that I've come a long way and that as I approach my goal it just gets more and more difficult to lose the remaining pounds. But I still believe that Nutrisystem will get me there eventually!

So, another week into this journey, this week I found...

Nutrisystem NationPrevious loss: 23.2 lbs

This week: -0.0 lbs

Total loss: 23.2 lbs

You know, that's just fine. After losing two pounds last week, I can handle seeing no change for this week... not to mention going out to eat a few times recently and the far-too-many number of desserts that I've had due to family being in town, Father's Day, etc.

I'm tracking the delivery of my next shipment of Nutrisystem food and it is due to arrive today, so I can't wait to stock back up on my favorites and get down to business on sticking to the plan better this week. If you want to see how you can lose weight and get healthy with me, visit Nutrisystem today or call 888-853-4689!

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As a member of the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Program, Nutrisystem is providing their food and program to me to review. However, all thoughts, opinions and results expressed are completely and honestly mine; your experience or feelings may differ.


Heather @ Girl Gone Mom said...

God Bless you Xenia - that's amazing!

I have a garage sale story you will laugh at...

Mellisa said...

I am so impressed at how well you have been doing! Great Job Xenia :)

Jenny said...

That is so awesome those clothes are too big now!!

You are doing so good on the program!

Anonymous said...

I use to love looking at old clothes and saying to myself...really Nichol? Why the heck don't ever be this way again. You are doing a wonderful job...keep up the great work girl!

LeeAnn said...

I bet that was an awesome feeling when you found out those old clothes were now too big! You're doing great, and I am so proud of you for sticking with it this long!

I gave away all of my old "skinny clothes" because I never thought I would be this small ever again, and now I wish I hadn't done that! It would save me a ton of money right now. LOL

Nancy R said...

Congratulations on your weight loss!
I lost 10 lbs recently. Feel off the wagon this weekend and did a little bit of a back slide. Looking forward to more positive results next week as I add some exercise to my routine. Best of luck to you and thanks for sharing.