Friday, June 10, 2011

TykeRider Easy Rider Balance Bike and Little Nutty Helmet {Review}

Having been involved in athletics as a child and being one of those people where most any sport comes somewhat easily, I have always looked forward to seeing which ones would peak my daughters' interests the most.

Thus far, Big Sister E has shown varying levels of attraction to a few different sports she has tried, but right now seems to be more of the creative, dramatic type. I love her dearly, but I can admit that she's not particularly the most coordinated child around and that's perfectly fine.

Little Sister B, on the other hand, has been my monkey from day one. Always looking for the next thing to climb or jump off of, I foresee a lot more physical, active programs in her future. Which is why I've been feeling guilty that I haven't worked with her more on some of the basic skills. She can throw and (sometimes) catch, but when it comes to riding a bike, she seems miles away from grasping the concept of how to steer or balance.

Fortunately, that's when TykeRider stepped in and has eased my conscience a bit by offering the most easy and stylish way to teach young children to ride with their Early Rider bikes and Little Nutty and Nutcase helmets.

Specializing in top design balance bikes and children's helmets, TykeRider is the perfect place to look for a high quality, great-looking, safe way to teach your child to ride a bike this summer.

By helping toddlers learn to balance on two wheels before they learn to pedal, a balance bike it propelled by the child's (ages 2-5) feet and is an alternative to training wheels that is growing in popularity. Once a child is confident and has learned to balance and steer on a pedal-less bike, they are able to graduate directly to a two-wheeler and never look back.

Thinking this sounded pretty perfect for Little Sister B, I was already thrilled when the Early Rider Classic arrived and, even in pieces, it looked pretty darn gorgeous.

With minimal pieces and pretty easy-to-follow pictures in the manual, it was maybe 10 minutes of Little Sister B and I working together to have her bike put together and the seat adjusted to fit.

Rolling it outside, we stood back to see that there wasn't much more to say about this bike than WOW.

This is clearly not another haphazard plastic and metal kid's bicycle. The environmentally-friendly, FSC-certified birch with the pneumatic tires and the flame detailing is simply beautiful to look at. But as well as admiring the looks, there is no question that this is one bike built with safety in mind as it is completely sturdy, durable, and made to function.

Before letting her hop on for a ride, however, first we had to suit Little Sister B up in the most important bike accessory: a helmet. Not only are the Little Nutty and Nutcase helmets that TykeRider offers very, very cool to look at (there are polka dots, stripes, caution tape... even a watermelon design!) but they are adjustable for a personalized fit!

Protecting young heads from harm (while looking creative, colorful, and fun), these helmets have an innovative spin dial in the inside that ensures you can make them snug on heads from 18-20.5". Not only is the Little Nutty Flower Power helmet adorable, but I love that Little Sister B will be able to use it for quite some time to come and always have it giving her the safest protection possible!

It doesn't hurt that she knows that it's extremely cute as well.

Eager to go for a ride, Little Sister B had no problem hopping on the Early Rider and starting off down the block.

Even though she wasn't exactly sure what she was supposed to do at first, she moved slowly down the sidewalk one way...

...and the other...
Being her very first time on a bicycle of any sort, Little Sister B was definitely tentative with moving too fast or taking her feet off of the ground and gliding along. But did she have fun? Absolutely. And does her balance and coordination continue to improve each time she goes for a ride? Definitely.

The Early Rider really is an amazing balance bike. By encouraging mobility and the rapid development of balance, strength, and fine motor skills, it's great to be able to stand back and watch the confidence level in your child continue to increase each time.

Retailing for $180 (the Little Nutty helmets retail for $45), this bike does cost more than the regular bikes that you'll find the store. However, the incredible quality of the wooden frame, the soft seat, and the adjustable helmet are sure to last through multiple children and many years of use. I have no doubt that my grandchildren will be riding the Early Rider as well!

For more information about the Early Rider, Little Nutty Helmets, and all of TykeRider's incredibly successful products, visit their website and connect with them on Twitter and Facebook as well.

This post was written for Family Review Network & TykeRider who provided the complimentary product for review in exchange for my honest opinions.


kailani said...

Isn't this a great bike? Kiana loved hers!

Debra Chapoton, author said...

Hi, I’m from Edge of Escape . I’m following the blog hop that you linked to. Great reviews you have! Please stop by my blog, I’d love to have you follow me.

Alison said...

Hunter loves his balance bike! But I love the flames on this one!

Anonymous said...

This bike looks awesome. Zoe loves her princess training wheels but has difficulty with pedals still. Gavyn was riding on two wheels the day he turned four, Zoe not so much.