Monday, June 27, 2011

GNC Phenom Coconut Water Nutrition {Review}

Last month I was introduced to an innovation.

An innovation in water.

Yes, water.

Having never realized that there was anything missing from my plain old glass of water, I never really thought about what extra vitamins and minerals I could be receiving when I pour a tall, refreshing glass. And here I just thought I was quenching my thirst!

Instead, however, we have the ability to receive the many health benefits of water while also replacing electrolytes, maximizing hydration, and keeping our skin looking great by skipping regular water and instead drinking Phenom Water.

This revolutionary new line, developed in partnership by the nutrition gurus at GNC and flavor experts at PepsiCo, is made from 100% natural coconut water found deep inside the coconut, then boosted with premium electrolytes and nutrients to deliver phenomenal taste and hydration.

Available in four GNC boosted formulas and six different flavors, Phenom Water is infused with key ingredients like antioxidants, added vitamins and caffeine for enhanced performance and recovery. Considering that it has no fat, cholesterol or added sugar, only contains 45 calories, and has 17 times more potassium than leading super hydration drinks, I was excited to give this innovative drink a try.

When the Pineapple Punch, Pure, and Acai Peach flavors of Phenom Water arrived, I already liked their convenient, portable 16.9 oz containers. They fit easily in my hand and the twist caps made it easy to take a sip and then close the rest up for later if need be.

After letting them chill in the fridge for a while, I took a taste and was surprised at the strong coconut flavor (I'm not sure why I was surprised, it is coconut water, after all), but found that another sip or two later and I really liked them.

I'm someone who doesn't have a problem with drinking unflavored water, but the added fruit to these was a nice refreshing twist. Hoping that they would give me a little extra boost of energy, I drank Phenom in the morning and did feel as though I wasn't as tired as I otherwise might have been.

Plus, knowing that there were so many health benefits and coconut water nutrition that I was receiving, I could see why more and more people have turned to Phenom Water to replace electrolytes after exercise, improve their vitamin and mineral intake, aid in digestion or recover from an illness, or just to stay hydrated throughout the day.

If you are a coconut fan and are looking for a way to stay healthy and revitalized, Phenom Water might be just the thing for you - I'm really glad that I tried them! Find out the answer to the "is coconut water good for you" question directly from GNC and find Phenom Water available in a 12-count package of 16.9 oz bottles for $29.99 or a 6-count package of 1 Liter bottles for $25.99.

(Other than the samples of Phenom Water and a GNC gift card to thank me for my time, I was not compensated or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my honest opinion of this product.)