Friday, June 3, 2011

Dreaming of Costa Rica Vacations

I complain about my husband's job fairly often, grumbling about everything from the huge workload that he constantly has to the large number of trips out of town that he has to take. He is usually only gone for a day or two, but even that is too much for me when it happens every week.

On the flip side, however, his company does work to spoil their employees - pretty much as an acknowledgment that they're extremely demanding. One of the really great perks? Every five years they send employees on sabbaticals, just making them go on an all-expenses paid vacation anywhere they want so as long as it is out of the country (cutting down on the likelihood that they'll still be contacted about work).

That part? Not so difficult to deal with, let me tell you.

Even though we have had thoughts of heading to somewhere far like New Zealand, the combination of my dislike of flying and that we had one and then two children with us has resulted in us sticking closer and heading to the Caribbean. We've been to the Cayman Islands...


And, most recently, a year ago we enjoyed the beauty of the Bahamas:

With our next trip on the horizon for this winter, it's time to begin planning, or at least narrowing down the options. Even though the islands we've visited have been amazing, we've turned our sights in a different direction this time and are looking at Central and South America.

And one location that has made it to the short list is Costa Rica.

While we're covered in snow here in the winter, Costa Rica is just north of the equator and averages around 80° highs and 65° lows... and I know I sure would trade in snow pants and shovels for a little tropical weather.

Listed as a popular family vacation destination -Costa Rica Honeymoons are raved about as well- the abundance of things to do there that are kid-friendly sound awfully nice. From the animal life to the volcanoes to the rain forests, how could Big Sister E and Little Sister B not be occupied and happy with the adventures that we could have?

Already on my agenda include visiting the waterfall gardens, frog ponds, national parks and hot springs and taking the family snorkeling, horseback riding, birding and river rafting. And then we can't miss going on a dolphin encounter or a guided hike, on the rain forest aerial tram, seeing giant turtles building their nests, taking surfing lessons...

Aside from all that there is to do, according to some research that I've found, Costa Rica is actually the "greenest" country in the world in terms of being environmentally-friendly. Who knew?

From the exotic animals to the amazingly beautiful scenery to the warm, friendly locals, how can we go wrong? Costa Rica sounds like the perfect place for us to spend quality time together enjoying all of the possibilities that this incredible trip can provide... now we've just got to see how the rest of our destination finalists compare!

What about you? If you were getting on an airplane tomorrow (either alone, with your significant other, or with your entire family), where would you choose to go?


Scented Leaf said...

Amazing destination. I hope everything will go well and you'll spend great time there.

Sippy Cup Mom said...

Gorgeous!!! You will have an amazing time!

I would love to fly to Europe and tour England, Italy, Spain...I love visiting historical places!

The Mama Report said...

I would love to go to Hawaii! Perhaps someday. You have had some great adventures! Hope you have many more!