Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Longest-Lasting, Most Advanced Alkaline Batteries: Duracell Quantum Batteries {#MC}

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I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Duracell. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

Among the many things that have changed since I was a kid is the feeling of complete and utter dependence on batteries. Sure, we had some toys that ran on batteries back in the day, but it wasn't like the current generation, where it often feels as though life might come to a screeching halt if a battery runs out of power.

From powering flashlights, smoke detectors, remote controls, wireless mice and toys galore, to ensuring that our children stay entertained on long car rides with a variety of tech gadgets, longer-life batteries are a must. Who wants to deal with constantly searching for replacements or having things turn off when you just might need them most?

Fortunately, Duracell has recently introduced a breakthrough battery to help our electronics keep pace with our busy lifestyles: Duracell Quantum.


Recognizable by its distinct red color, Duracell Quantum batteries are the world's most advanced alkaline batteries and contain longer lasting power than any other battery on the market.

With a Hi-Density Core that allows for more power storage, the Duracell Quantum also features PowerCheck technology that allows us to see on the battery itself the amount of life remaining... which is a feature that I really love!

How often have you pulled out a handful of batteries and not had any idea if they were new or had been partially used and then tossed back in the drawer? Instead, the PowerCheck power indicator allows the user to see the amount of battery power remaining in a matter of seconds.


With DURALOCK Power Preserve technology that can store more power than ever before and lock in power in storage for up to 10 years, Duracell Quantum batteries can efficiently deliver power to both high-drain and low-drain devices.

As even more proof that Duracell stands behind their Quantum batteries and is so sure that they are the best, they have donated one million of them to first responders across the United States to help them go beyond the call of duty and power their life-saving equipment.

First responders use AA and AAA batteries in critical devices that keep us safe and protect us – breathing apparatus, location tracking devices, flashlights and more. They also distribute batteries for community safety programs.

In honor of these extraordinary first responders, Duracell has also created Quantum Heroes, a documentary-style video series that shines a spotlight on the incredible work of first responders and their stories of sacrifice and heroism.


You'll definitely want to check out this video and then connect with Duracell on Facebook or Twitter to share your own first responder stories using #MyQuantumHero. What a wonderful way to recognize these everyday heroes!

To find out more about Duracell, their Quantum batteries and more, head over to


Jessica Allen said...

Love Duracell batteries! I just bought a big pack the other day because I know we will need them for Christmas toys :)

Janet W. said...

Finally, a battery that lasts much longer than a regular battery. Duracell is such a wonderful brand!

Unknown said...

I need to get long lasting batteries for my insulin pump and this one lasts longer than regular batteries so I guess I will be purchasing Duracell~

slehan said...

I like that they have the PowerCheck power indicator. Very handy.

slehan at juno dot com

Kymi A. said...

I love Duracell & the love they give to our First responders and now this new Quantum. I was tried it and it does last longer it even gives it more power. I love that more power & bang for your buck.