Monday, November 18, 2013

EyeSpy: Hidden Objects Quest {App}

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Although I'd most likely never admit this to him, my husband is right that I have fairly poor searching skills. It only takes a dozen or so times of me not being able to find an item in the fridge or a book on the shelf that is right in front of me for me to admit that.

Do I need to stop multitasking and focus more? Possibly. Not be in such a hurry or assume that someone moved the object that I want simply because I don't find it on the very first look? Maybe.

Or maybe it's all just a sign that I should play more games that challenge and strengthen my memory and concentration. Most recently, the app that I've found designed to do just that (while also being quite entertaining) is EyeSpy: Hidden Objects Quest.

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Currently available for Android only (FREE!), EyeSpy: Hidden Objects Quest brings users on a search for hidden objects of all kinds. From candies and cakes, to planes, shoes, and everything else in between, the four unique worlds and 50 different levels are a combination of fun and education for all ages.

Are your eyes and memory up to the challenge?

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I appreciate the way that this game was designed with intuitive controls and that the easy-to-understand yet endlessly entertaining style can keep children (as well as adults) engaged. The colorful, bright graphics provide just the right amount of fun while the overall mental workout secretly acts as a great learning experience.

As each new level of EyeSpy: Hidden Objects Quest adds 60 seconds on the countdown clock and provides a single clue in the form of a word or two, players then find themselves racing to search through a slew of random objects to find what they need... while ignoring everything that they don't.

Players even get rewarded for tapping on the right shapes in each level, but, on the other hand, if their memory doesn't hold out and they tap on the wrong object, they'll lose points as a result. Alas, all isn't lost, because there are plenty of special bonus items to add a boost — a clock to add more time, a magnifying glass to instantly find hidden items, a broom to clear away negative effects and more.

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As well as the entertainment that this app can provide for all ages, if you're someone that isn't fond of single player gameplay, that's not a problem. EyeSpy: Hidden Objects Quest offers the ability to make the game social via Facebook, so that you can challenge or play right along with friends and share scores, levels, help each other and more.

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Whether you have a long road trip coming up and you're looking for unique new ways to keep your kids thinking and learning or you want to see just how well you can conquer diverse challenges while collecting rewards for accuracy, quickness and other spy master feats... then it just might be time to check out EyeSpy: Hidden Objects Quest today.

Find out more about this fun race to find all the right hidden objects in time and download it (FREE!) from Google Play.

This post was brought to you by EyeSpy: Hidden Objects Quest but all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.


Unknown said...

This is a really cute app and I am sure my granddaughter will enjoy playing the game.

slehan said...

That looks like fun. I could use the work on my finding skills.

slehan at juno dot com

Janet W. said...

I love that this is for all ages! Sounds fun and interactive!