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Nenuco Sleep With Me Baby Doll & Cradle by Famosa {Review}

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While tech devices become more and more popular with kids of all ages, there are some things that they just can't replace. The warmth of snuggling with a stuffed animal, the feel of turning real pages in a book and the connection that a girl or boy makes with a doll, just to name a few.

But what is it exactly that is so enchanting about a doll? That it can be a best friend? A confidante? A provider of safety and comfort? Yes to all of those... but also to one more: the feeling of truly being Mommy or Daddy.

Born with a maternal instinct, little girls (boys, too, of course) are eager to have a chance to take care of their own baby, just as their parents did for them. And there's no better way to encourage that and allow kids to thrive and nurture than with adorable baby dolls and accessories that mimic real life, right?

Which makes it no wonder that my girls are head over heels in love with their Nenuco Sleep With Me Baby Doll & Cradle from Famosa.

Nenuco doll and cradle

A leading European toy company that has been manufacturing toys for over 50 years, Famosa has long been known for creating high-quality dolls with engaging and unique features... which we quickly found in our recent Pinypon review.

But while I had suspected that my girls would be excited about the unique, miniature world of Pinypon, I hadn't anticipated that they would be quite as enamored with Nenuco, Famosa's popular brand of affordable and adorable baby dolls.

From the moment that they saw the colorful box...

Nenuco baby doll

...there was nonstop chatter about the cute baby, her own bed, the music it would play and more.

Once we had all of the pieces removed from the box, the girls happily began playing with the doll and her accessories while I assembled her cradle.

Nenuco doll and cradle assembly

I always appreciate when a company goes out of their way to ensure that their instructions are clear and easy to follow and Famosa did just that with this Nenuco product.

Famosa Nenuco instructions

In just a few short minutes I had all of the cradle pieces snapped into place and AAA batteries (not included) installed for the lights and music. It was time to officially welcome our newest baby!

Nenuco Sleep With Me Doll

I love the unique features that this set includes, as it takes the concept of a doll much further than simply an item for play (although it does that quite well).

First, the details.

Nenuco Sleep With Me doll and cradle

The cute cutouts on the cradle, the added touch of the pink bows, the quality stitching on the blanket, the color-changing star and soft lullabies, the soft pink pj's... adorable! Plus, not only does this baby come with her own pacifier and bottle, but the cradle has designated holders for each one so that they are never far away when needed.

The baby herself smells of sweet baby powder (I get my "mom fix" by taking big sniffs of her), has a soft, huggable body with cute, molded little fingers and a sweet, content face. As a bonus, both of my girls love the way that her eyes close when she is laying down and then open wide when she is brought to a vertical position.

realistic baby doll

However, what makes the Sleep With Me Baby Doll & Cradle especially unique is the way that the cradle itself provides two ways to play: whether as a standalone cradle or attached to a bed.

Therefore, during the day your child can partake in all of their parenting routines and be able to feed their baby, bathe her, dress her, play with her, take her for walks (Little Sister B took her for a 1.5 mile walk recently just because she thought she'd like to get out in the fresh air) and more...

Nenuco baby dolls

...and then when nighttime rolls around, the legs of the cradle quickly and easily adjust to attach right on to any type of bed (standard frame, platform, etc).

What a great feature! I love how quick and easy it is to simply configure the legs of the cradle so that they work for the type of bed that your child has and that it is just as easy to slide the cradle right into place.

Nenuco cradle to bed

In just a few minutes, your child can rest assured that their baby is safe and close all night long!

Famosa Nenuco Sleep With Me Doll

Whether your child is anticipating the arrival of a new baby in the home, one has recently arrived or you're just looking for a gift that is a little more unique than all the rest, the Nenuco Sleep With Me Baby Doll & Cradle by Famosa would make a wonderful first doll or an addition to any young girl or boy's collection.

Whatever it is about a doll that allows kids to realistically emulate the nurturing role of being Mom and Dad, they're just the thing for teaching responsibility and celebrating everything from major milestones to giggly everyday moments. Nenuco has easily captured that innocence and fun with their Sleep With Me Baby Doll and I love the way that the whole set helps express and encourage it... day AND night!

Available online from Amazon, at Toys 'R Us or at Kmart, this adorable doll and cradle set is recommended for ages 3+ and retails for $29.99. Find out much more about the full collection of Nenuco's dolls by visiting their website and connecting with them on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Other than the Nenuco Sleep With Me Baby Doll & Cradle that I was provided by Famosa in order to facilitate my review, I was not compensated or enticed to do this post in any way. This review is solely my honest opinion about this product.


Unknown said...

What an adorable doll. My granddaughter would love to have one. Maybe Santa will put one under the tree for her.

Janet W. said...

This is the cutest doll that any little girl would love to have and take care of! Precious!