Monday, November 4, 2013

The Best of Shopping in One Place: Clutch Shopping App {Review}

When I look at all of the ways that shopping has changed over the years, I'm amazed at how much things have advanced.

From the days of driving to the store and keeping your fingers crossed your size/color would be in stock to the rise of the mail order catalog to the introduction of the internet, it's easy to say that we've come a long way.

In today's day and age, it's all about instant shopping. There don't have to be checkout lines or even time waiting for your computer to boot up, as the tech-savvy shopper just reaches for their smartphone and, with a tap on their mobile app, proceeds to shop anywhere, anytime. Right?

Right... in theory.

When you know exactly what you're purchasing and where to get it, then yes. But that's not taking into account that shopping on mobile isn't always so quick and easy. If you're like a large number of people, you might first want to research your item, compare for the best price, prepare to purchase, try to save money with a loyalty card, pay with a physical credit card instead of an online account... the list goes on and on and suddenly mobile shopping isn't so convenient.

Fortunately, there are ways to eliminate the need for all of the wasted time, hassles and nagging feelings that you spent too much by using a single app that combines a mobile wallet, loyalty app, gift app, wishlist, price comparisons, daily deals, trending and hot products, shopping searches, personalized collections, rewards points and more.

Say hello to Clutch!

clutch app

Eliminating the need for multiple shopping apps, Clutch provides users with a single (FREE!!) app that takes care of everything you need to complete a purchase. Who doesn't want the ability to get the best deals, give the best gifts, and discover and share these finds with friends and family in a single place?

Not to mention that Clutch's technology has the ability to provide users with highly relevant and timely shopping offers, tailored for them based on time, location and personal data including gift lists, loyalty programs and offers.

I'm all about saving money whenever possible, so sign me up!

Clutch app

I love the way that the Clutch interface is clean and easy to navigate, making it possible to jump from upcoming birthdays of Facebook friends to price comparisons quickly.

If I want to scan an item barcode (whether one that I already have at home or one that I'm looking at in the store) to find local stores that carry it, online sites that have it (such as Target, QVC, eBay and more) and where to find the best price, that only takes a click.

Clutch shopping app

One more click and I can browse the current deals and savings on activities, events, dining and more right in my area.

deals app

Yet another click brings me to the collection of items that I've created that I'm interested in, as well as letting me view the collections of others. We all know how much we're influenced by the opinions of our friends and families, so seeing the items that others have placed in their collections allow me to view them, comment on them, add them to my own collection and more.

I really like being able to browse through the various shopping feeds, which are easily sorted by category, and share fun finds with others right through Clutch!

mobile app

When you've decided on your purchase, Clutch lets users pay with store credit, a gift card in the app's mobile wallet or a credit card. Clutch even helps out by letting you know when you're near a retailer that accepts gift cards from your mobile wallet.

But don't forget about your loyalty cards! If you're like most of us with a wallet or keychain full of plastic cards, Clutch's built-in scanner allows you to integrate them right into the app instead. No more carrying around a bulky bundle when you can use a single click instead!

loyalty app

Is there anything that Clutch can't do?

Shopping is quick and easy, you have access to your Facebook friends' wishlists, it recommends personalized gifts, it alerts you to available coupons and deals for products on your shopping list (or if a nearby store has a sale) and more.

As an even bigger bonus, the more that you use Clutch, the more that it helps you in return. As it recognizes the merchants that you utilize the most, it lets those merchants know to reward you with even more deals... plus you rack up Clutch Reward points (earned for use of the app) that can be redeemed for gift cards from the Clutch digital card mall.

Are you ready to make your mobile shopping even faster, easier, more efficient and money-saving than before? Head over and download Clutch from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store to start saving today!

This post was brought to you by Clutch but, as always, all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.


Janet W. said...

I love that you can scan your loyalty cards into this app and not have to carry them around anymore!

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slehan said...

First I have to get a smart phone and be able to pay the monthly costs.

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