Monday, November 4, 2013

Mother-Daughter Bonding at the Scooops Kid Spa Salon in Madison!

Scooops Kids Spa logo
As much as I enjoy seeing my girls' love of school, now that they pack up and head off every day, the amount of time that I spend with them has diminished. Those summer days seemed so endless, how is it that they have already disappeared into the depths of long gone?

Therefore, I'm always on the lookout for ways that we can spend time together doing something fun... and if it happens to be girly and involves sparkles, glitter and giggles, that's an added bonus.

Which is what we always know will occur when visiting the one and only Scooops Kid Spa Salon at Hilldale Shopping Center in Madison, Wisconsin.

Scooops Kid Spa Salon

Offering a place for girls to "chill" on a giant banana split, receive ice cream-themed manicures and pedicures, enjoy picture perfect hairdos and just have fun, Scooops Kid Spa Salon has taken the spa experience and made it perfectly pretty and kid-size.

Is there a girl out there that wouldn't be thrilled with a spa designed just for them that is inspired by ice cream?

We were fortunate to be able to attend the Scooops grand opening a year ago and were enthralled with all that they have had to offer ever since. Haircuts, manicures, pedicures, makeup... we even attended our first birthday party there this fall and it was completely and utterly adorable!

So, when offered the opportunity to bring both girls with me to Scooops Kid Spa Salon for  "Mom & Me" Manicures, there was no way that we would even think of saying no!

Scooops Kids Spa

After taking in the familiar sights, sounds and smells, the three of us were ready to don the signature pink Scooops robes and tiaras and attempt to select our favorite color of Scooops nail polish.

With so many to choose from, this really wasn't an easy task!

Scooops Mom and Me manicures

Once we were happy with our color selections and comfortably seated in the large manicure station, we were ready for some pampering.

And Scooops does much more than simply paint your fingernails, their manicures include filing and shaping, an ice cream fizz soak, a yummy hand scrub (in your choice of vanilla, chocolate or strawberry), a primer coat, two coats of polish, a top coat, and moisturizing icing lotion for super soft skin.

We were easily feeling like queens (princesses?) within the first few minutes!

Scooops Spa Salon manicure

While I could have sat for most of the day with a warm neck wrap (mmmmm, so relaxing!) as my nails dried...

Scooops Kids Spa and Salon

...Scooops even has a quick-drying spray that they spritz onto finished nails so that pint-size customers don't have to try to sit still for too long.

Because who can help a little squirming when they know that their manicure is followed up by their choice of delicious ice cream?

Scooops Kids Spa ice cream

All in all, we had a fabulous visit and getting to spend an afternoon doing something special with my girls was wonderful in itself.

We left Scooops that day with big smiles, our own personal-sized bottles of Scooops nail polish, the girls' tiaras (how did I miss getting one for myself?) and the knowledge that we would surely be back again in the future.

Scoops Kid Spa Madison

From Neapolitan-imagined spa experiences to deliciously adorable haircuts and styles (up-dos, hair feathers, braiding and much more!), this is the perfect place for girls to do it all — I always leave Scooops feeling as though they have done just about everything possible to make girls' dreams come true.

If you have a girl in your life that would have a blast having an tasty good time at a spa designed just for kids, then you've got to check out Scooops Kid Spa Salon! Visit their website to find out all about their services, parties, gift cards (what a great present!), locations and more, and be sure to connect with them on Facebook and Twitter as well.

My family was invited to Scooops Kid Spa Salon in Hilldale to receive complimentary services. However, all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own and were not required. We just had such a great time that we had to share!


Unknown said...

I love this post! You and your girls look so happy. I cannot wait until my granddaughter is old enough to be able to share a spa day, even if it is only a manicure.

Unknown said...

Wow, how fun for your girls. I must admit, I'm jealous! I don't have any daughters, or nieces to share an experience like that. But maybe one day, they will open one of those here in my area and I can find a friend to go with her and her daughter.

Courtney B said...

wow nothing like that in az! looks like a great place to have a bday party!

Janet W. said...

I didn't realize places like this existed! What a fun outing for mother/daughter and looks like y'all had a great time together!