Monday, November 25, 2013

Lancôme #DreamTone and the #bareselfie {Review}

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Sometimes I find myself sucked into watching those makeover shows on television. Not just the ones where the horrified host(s) change a woman's wardrobe from inappropriately revealing to classic and professional, but the ones where the people really go under the knife to have major changes done.

I can empathize with having aspects of my body and my face that I would like to change (who can't?) but the moment the show turns from something I would consider (take my clothes and give me cool new ones? Yes, please!) to something that I would turn and run from is the second that a surgeon or a big needle enters the picture.

Could my nose be a little smaller? Sure. Would I like to have a smoother, softer, clearer complexion? Of course. But would I have elective surgery or injections to correct something on my face? Nope. I'd much rather try out the innovative products on the market that can help my imperfections instead... most currently the amazing Lancôme DreamTone.

Lancome DreamTone

The next generation in dark spot correction, Lancôme DreamTone is an innovative new serum specially formulated to reduce the appearance of dark spots, uneven skin tone and color imperfections.

DreamTone is offered in three skin tone specific shades — Fair, Medium and Dark — each of which are designed to transform the look of your skin in multiple ways. After hearing that my dark spots would look diminished, I would see a more even skin tone and imperfections like redness, sallowness and acne marks would be visibly reduced, Lancôme had my attention.

But then after seeing the self-assessed results, I was even more impressed.
  • 74% of women saw glowing skin immediately
  • 70% noticed a more even skin tone after 7 days
  • 69% saw the appearance of dark spots reduced after 4 weeks
  • 78% saw color imperfections reduced after 8 weeks
In fact, users were so pleased with the results after using DreamTone that Lancôme started Project #bareselfie, their take on the #selfie craze that is rampant on social media. Would DreamTone provide such glowing, even-toned skin and diminished dark spots that women would dare show off their bare skin, without any touch-ups or filters?

They sure would.


Always up for a challenge, I chose the Fair shade of DreamTone for my light skin and (mostly) used it twice a day under my moisturizer, as directed.

Lancome DreamTone review

The first thing that I noticed is the innovative twist cap that Lancôme used for this bottle, as a single twist causes the top to rise up to expose the nozzle to dispense the product. But, just as easily, if you are traveling or simply want to put the bottle away, just twist the top again and the nozzle drops back down and the whole thing is closed without any worry of leaks.

Secondly, right away I loved the DreamTone scent, as it is light and sweet but not at all overpowering or sickeningly like strong flowers. Instead, the lightly tinted cream has a fresh and soft aroma that is reminiscent of luxurious, high end spa products.

Lancome DreamTone cream

As for my results? I truly did notice a little bit of a glow instantly after applying the DreamTone and, four weeks later, I really do think that my skin looks more clear and refreshed, my dark spots have lightened and my skin looks healthier overall!

In fact, Lancôme, I accept your #bareselfie challenge and I raise you... a #bareselfie x 4.

Lancome bareselfie

In the end, I've found Lancôme DreamTone to provide impressive results and smoother, softer, skin. The only negative is that the 1.3 fl oz bottle retails for $98 (at and department stores nationwide), which is fairly expensive, even for a product that is dermatologist-tested and formulated to be the very best.

That being said, however, I really am thrilled with it!

Find out much more about Lancôme DreamTone by visiting the DreamTone website, connecting with Lancôme on Facebook and Twitter, and checking out the #bareselfie hashtag throughout social media.

Other than the Lancôme DreamTone that I was provided by Lancôme in conjunction with SheSpeaks, I was not compensated or enticed or to do this review in any way. This review is solely my honest opinion of this product.


Barbara said...

Granted, it's expensive, but if it works well, then it might be worth trying!

Unknown said...

I love how this product comes in three different shades for different skin tones. I have dark spots but fair skin. I need this product!

Unknown said...

I am never sure what my skin tone is and I am always throwing out make-up because it makes me look 'too made up'. I trust the Lancome brand and will try this one and hope it works for me.

won said...

If I had one thing that bothers me, it's the lack of "glow" to my skin. I look tired or blah. That's what's different to me now that in the years past.

I see you addressed that with this product.

Wendy T

Unknown said...

This sounds like a great product, definitely something I'd like to try. Thank you for this review.