Friday, November 15, 2013

A Revolution in Flossing: Flossolution 500 Series and Flossolution Lite {Review}

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As with just about everyone, there are aspects of myself that I wouldn't mind changing.

I'd like to be more of a morning person, be one of those people that enjoys frequent exercise, is naturally talented in the kitchen, sees the positive in every situation, flosses regularly, and more. Just a few things, you know?

While most of these aren't apt to change anytime soon (or ever, really), the latter is one that I feel that I at least have control over. But I've tried regular floss, those small handheld flossers and more and just can't seem to find a method that sticks with me longer than a few weeks after leaving my dentist's office (and having received my usual speech about not doing a better job flossing).

However, if there was ever an invention that was created specifically for people like me, it is here now in the form of  Flossolution.

Flossolution smart mouth revolution

The first of its kind sonic flosser that makes flossing easy, pain free and fun, Flossolution is the answer to data showing the more than half of Americans do not floss daily despite constant reminders from dentists and "knowing better."

As the most common complaints include the process being painful and taking too long, veteran dentist and flossing advocate Dr. Tim Pruett worked to develop the first dental hygiene product line featuring unique Flossguard technology.

The Flossguard safely protects gums from flossing trauma by controlling the depth the floss can travel as it moves between tooth and gum. No more seeing your gums bleed! In addition, Flossolution products include a Bite Bumper, which acts as a soft pad for opposing teeth allowing for gentle biting pressure to be applied during flossing.

Flossolution in action

Add in that Flossolution items also feature tension-free flossers, which increase functional effectiveness and safety while flossing, and its no wonder that these products are said to make flossing simple, fun and quick.

But could they really? As someone who has never been good at keeping up the habit of flossing, I was looking forward to putting the company's first two products, the Flossolution 500 Series, a sonic-powered unit and Flossolution Lite, a manual unit, to the test!

Flossolution review

Right out of the box I found that... these really are uncomplicated, easy-to-use tools.

Differing in the way that the Flossolution Lite is great for portability and travel, otherwise the two devices are quite similar. Simply choose between the replaceable heads to go from flossing to brushing in a matter of seconds quickly and painlessly!

Flossolution 500 review

That's right, in addition to their flossing capabilities, both the Flossolution 500 Series and Flossolution Lite feature brush attachments along with the floss attachments. By simply replacing one with the other, it makes it easy to go from flossing to brushing and truly turns this into a complete tool for your overall oral hygiene.

Dr. Pruett even ensured that the brush attachments are designed to prevent toothbrush abrasion by utilizing soft bristles and handles that promote gentle brushing techniques.

Flossolution brush

When it comes to flossing, Flossolution makes that just as easy! I appreciate that the Flossguard is placed right in the center, so that once you've easily connected a flosser from the magazine, you barely have to do much else.

Flossolution flosser

The sonic energy produced from turning on the Flossolution 500 Series equates to approximately 30,000 vibrations per minute, making the floss very easy to move between teeth and the need for only one hand. If you've ever felt like it's crowded trying to get both hands in and around your mouth, this definitely eliminates that issue!

Overall, I'm impressed that Flossolution pretty much takes all of the work (and the ick factor) out of the whole process of flossing. I'm much more likely to reach for one of these gadgets than to reach for traditional floss!

Just look how easy this is!

The first of their kind on the market to tackle the challenges of everyday flossing by providing an easier, painless and more effective way to floss and brush teeth, the Flossolution 500 Series and Flossolution Lite are convenient, flexible and useful.

Whether you opt for the sonic powered handle of the 500 Series to help make flossing quick and easy or the smaller, non-powered alternative of the Lite, all accessory attachments are compatible with both products and just might be what you're looking for to help boost the health of your mouth, teeth and gums.

Retailing for $99.95 for the Flossolution 500 Series and $14.95 for the Flossolution Lite (replacement pieces and bundle packages are also offered), these innovative products can be purchased directly from

Be sure to visit their website to find out much more about these unique, helpful devices and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter for more information, articles, inspiration, coupons and more.

Other than the Flossolution 500 Series and Flossolution Lite that I was provided in order to facilitate my review, I was not compensated or enticed to do this review in any way. This post is solely my honest opinion about these products.


Heavensangel2387 said...

Thanks for sharing! This seems so much easier than regular floss!

Janet W. said...

I would love to try this and see if it helps down on the amount of cavities I get between my teeth!

Shayna said...

I have to try this product ! I hate flossing so this would definitely make the process easier :)

slehan said...

I like that it has both toothbrush and floss on one machine. I need this.

slehan at juno dot com

won said...

I'm a huge flosser, so this looks like something that's right up my alley.

WEndy T