Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Clean Easier, Faster and Better with the Shark PRO Steam & Spray Mop {Review}

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I have never denied that I have aspirations to do a better job around our house when it comes to the cooking and cleaning, but it seems that they always stay just that: aspirations.

With cooking, I find myself making the same handful of meals each week that we always eat because they're easy and I know that they are guaranteed to make everyone happy. With cleaning, well, that's another story.

When it comes to our tile and hardwood floors, we banished the traditional mop and bucket ages ago. Who wants to deal with it being all slimy while having to ring out dirty water and have it drip all over? No, thanks. We also tried one of those cleaning systems where you attach a disposable pad each time, but I wasn't a big fan of that either. How many of those pads do I actually end up using each time? And do they have to cost that much?

Fortunately, thanks to Shark and their new and improved Steam & Spray Mop, our floors have never been more efficiently or easily cleaned.

Shark Steam & Spray Mop

For the first time, Shark has combined their trusted super-heated steam with a gentle, non-toxic cleanser. The Shark Steam & Spray is designed with three modes of Electronic Intelligent Steam Control, making it quick and easy to select the ideal method for your various floor surfaces and specific cleaning needs.

Is there anyone that wouldn't want a device made to clean and sanitize, whether their floor needs a quick clean, a general whole house clean or a deep floor clean?

When the PRO Steam & Spray Mop arrived in its own compact box...

Shark spray mop

...I pulled out the parts and was surprised (and pleased) to find that assembly was going to be extremely easy. In three easy steps, I had the handle snapped into place, the batteries (included!) installed in the front and the optional power cord plugged into place.

Shark Steam & Spray assembly

Next, it was just fast and simple to get started cleaning, as Shark has all of the steps and parts clearly labeled and made to pop into place.

Just attach the cleaning pad (either the washable pad using its Velco top or the SaniFiber disposable pads that also hook right on), fill the water tank using the handy flask provided, and insert the cleanser bottle right into the front.

In a matter of seconds, I had this innovative machine powered up and ready to go! 

Shark Steam & Spray review

Putting this unique mop to work was just as easy. As it weighs only around 6.5 pounds, it can be lifted and carried with one hand to nearly any part of the house — someone like me just needs to decide which floor is in most dire need of cleaning.

Then it's time to clean! The three modes included in the PRO Steam & Spray Mop include:
  • Spray Mode is ideal for quick, on-the-go messes and can be done conveniently cordless.
  • Steam Mode to tackle everyday cleaning and sanitizing jobs.
  • Steam & Spray Mode for tough messes like stuck-on dirt or heavy traffic areas.
How great is that? I love being able to grab this quickly in Spray Mode to do everyday cleanups after my kids have eaten (how does the yogurt end up on the floor?) while also being able to reach for it in Steam Mode as a weekly spot and mess remover or Steam & Spray Mode for the big-time, stuck-on grime.

Just the knowledge that it doesn't take any more effort on my part to deep clean and sanitize all of the hard floor surfaces we have in the house gives me peace of mind, particularly as we head into the cold and flu season. In fact, the Shark Steam & Spray offers 99.9% sanitization, killing germs and bacteria with no residue left behind!

Just because I no longer have crawling babies living in my house, that doesn't at all mean that my kids aren't constantly down on the floor, so I love the relaxation that comes with being able to grab the Steam & Spray Mop (with or without a cord!) to help power through the job.

floor steamer

Although I plan on using my Steam & Spray with Shark's washable micro-fiber pad much more than the SaniFiber Disposable Pads, I do appreciate that Shark not only included this option, but that these disposable pads offer the same cleaning performance.

Either one does such a great job loosening, lifting and locking in the dirt that, in conjunction with the non-toxic multi-purpose cleanser, ends up providing a sparkling clean result!

In only one pass, the Steam & Spray had instantly removed dried, splattered yogurt from the floor and left it shiny clean instead:

hardwood floor cleaner
You thought I was exaggerating about the yogurt on the floor, didn't you? Kids are a mess.

With an MSRP of $199.99 (from Shark or on Amazon), the Shark PRO Steam & Spray Mop is one investment that anyone and everyone can feel good using in their home this holiday season and beyond. Forget having to worry about how you're going to get your house clean for your guests, just grab this mop and know that it will do all of the work while still being safe around kids and pets.

To find out much more about the Shark Steam & Spray Mop, the power it has to handle the job, its three distinct ways to clean, and more, visit SteamandSpray.com and connect with Shark on Facebook.

Other than the PRO Steam & Spray Mop that I was provided by Shark in order to facilitate my review, I was not compensated or enticed to do this post in any way. This review is solely my honest opinion about this product.


AMY said...

My mother-in-law has one of these and I love it. Works great!

Melissa Storms said...

I have wanted a Shark steam mop for a while now, my in-laws have one and I love how it cleans.


won said...

That is a heck of a difference in the before and after pictures. I just love when a floor shines like that. *I am a bit floor washing obsessed :)

Wendy T

Anne said...

I've been considering getting a steam mop for the wood and vinyl floors in our rented home and I very much appreciate your review. It's good to know how this model actually works. Thanks.

Harvey Ever After said...

I definitely need one of these for our wood and laminate floors.

Janet W. said...

I would love to have something like this to use to clean our floors! I need to add this on my Christmas list.

Amy said...

I would LOVE this for my hardwood and tile floors. Having dogs and children makes the floors so dirty

slehan said...

I only have non-carpeted floors in my small kitchen so it probably wouldn't work well for me, but if I had more floors it would be good.

slehan at juno dot com