Friday, July 8, 2011

Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

My husband and I will be celebrating our wedding anniversary this month and that always makes me amazed for so many reasons.

Really? Another year has passed? It sometimes seems like just last week that we were planning every detail and that the big day would never come. But then I turn and see the home that we have built and the two beautiful girls running around in it and it does seem like the days of fretting over which engagement ring was the perfect one are from a different lifetime.

That's right, I was part of the decision process in my own engagement ring. I can't remember the discussion that we had, but being the practical man that he is, I'm sure my husband wanted to ensure that I would completely love something that I was going to wear for... well, the rest of my life. That's a lot of pressure to make the right purchase, isn't it?

So when I come across sites that let me reminisce and browse through their beautiful collection of diamond rings, sometimes I think that I could spend forever there. Because when those are sites like, the possibilities seem endless!

The online presence of a family owned, fifth generation couture retail jewelry business that established in downtown Brooklyn, New York in the year 1910, is extremely experienced with every facet of the diamond business. By purchasing their diamonds directly from the source, they are able to eliminate the middleman and therefore pass the savings on to their customers.

And who wouldn't want to save on such an absolutely stunning selection?

I appreciate the way that makes browsing their website fast and easy, as you can choose from a particular setting, style, brand, and more, as well as having the option to completely design your own engagement ring. What a great way to know that you're truly going to get exactly what you want!

From a single solitaire to a multi-stone to unique and vintage, once you've decided on the ring that is perfect for you (or your lucky recipient), offers 100% risk free shopping. Aspects such as a lifetime diamond warranty, a money back guarantee, a price match guarantee, lifetime diamond trade in, free shipping, and more will let you rest easy at night knowing you've made a good decision.

All that's left? Well, popping the question, of course. And then you're ready to start browsing the equally beautiful line of men's and women's wedding bands!

Did you help pick out your engagement ring? If not, would you have liked to?


Jenny said...

So pretty!

I did not help pick my ring out. The whole thing was a complete surprise to me! He did a great job on my ring. It's a 1 ct. in a very classic setting. I love it!