Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Dyson Technology Experience and the Dyson Air Multiplier {Review}

It has been a strange spring and summer around here in the Midwest.

First it seemed like winter was just never going to end and the days of jackets and hats dragged on forever. Then, in the span of what felt like two days, we are now stuck with 90°+ temperatures that make you feel as though you are going to melt into a puddle on the sidewalk the moment you step outside.

So, other than hide out inside in the air conditioning, how are we keeping cool? With none other than the most innovative fan around: the Dyson Air Multiplier.

Before having the opportunity to try out the Dyson Air Multiplier in our home, we were able to get a sneak peek in the form of the Dyson Technology Experience, a tour that Dyson is taking around the country to cool off the United States.

This touring exhibit allows people to get hands-on with Dyson machines and really see how amazing these bladeless fans are - both in terms of safety as well as ease of cleaning. Plus, giving people the ability to see this innovative and amazing product at work really gives a much different impression than simply seeing a picture... these fans are pretty jaw-dropping!

Perfect for cooling off in the summer heat, seeing the displays arranged so that everywhere you looked you saw the movement and the possibilities was extremely impressive. People were able to walk up and stick their hands right inside the fans and the ability to interact with them was causing quite a stir!

So of course we were excited when a Dyson Air Multiplier arrived here, as I was interested in seeing just how complicated they were to assemble, run, and use.

The answer? Incredibly easy - much more than I would have thought! In fact, the box contained one two parts: the base and the loop amplifier.

Assembly required... well, align the arrow on the base with the arrow on the loop amplifier and then twist to lock them together. That's it!

With only three controls conveniently located right in the front, even a child could easily use this fan.

On the left, the power button that is pushed on and off easily. In the center, the dimmer switch power control allows you to choose precisely the amount of air that you are receiving. Instead of just high, medium, and low, you have the ability to turn the knob right to what works best.

On the right, it only takes the push of one button to switch on and off the rotating motion of the base. But along with turning back and forth, the Air Multiplier also has a touch-tilt feature that allows you to position the direction of the air upwards or downwards in the room.

With the steady stream of smooth air and just how incredibly easy it is to leave this sitting out without worry of it tipping (as it pivots on its own center of gravity, there isn't anything top-heavy about it), the only thing that could top those qualities was the safety.

Big Sister E and Little Sister B know to never put their fingers anywhere near a fan, so when they first saw the Dyson Air Multiplier they seemed a little skeptical that this machine truly was a fan.

However, it took less than 15 seconds for them to tentatively reach out and touch the smooth surface before they were laughing and playing while enjoying the breeze.

What more could I ask for than such convenience that also provides fun?

But then I discovered yet another aspect of the Air Multiplier that I loved when I took a look at the previous fan that we had in Little Sister B's room...

Okay, yuck. The amount of dirt in there is embarrassing, but how often does one take apart their fan to clean each of the blades? I know it's pretty far down on my to-do list. Instead, wiping off the Dyson Air Multiplier is hardly more difficult than wiping off your kitchen table.

The end result is that the Dyson Air Multiplier is cool. Very, very cool.

The price tag is quite a bit higher than a traditional fan (the table fans start at $299 while the oval tower fans and round pedestal fans start at $449), but the differences are pretty amazing. The safety, ease of cleaning, touch-tilt, and dimmer switch power control give you so much more than just blown air!

Even though the Dyson Technology Experience is coming to an end this month, if you have the chance to visit in your area, don't miss it! Also be sure to connect with Dyson on Twitter and Facebook so that you are up to date on the latest from this continually-impressive company.

(Other than the Air Multiplier Table Fan that I was sent from Dyson, I was not provided with anything or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my opinion of the Dyson Technology Experience and this product.)


Jenny said...

That is an awesome fan! I hate how the blades are so dusty on regular fans. I could really use a few of these!

HiHoRosie said...

I've seen these and think they're so cool! I would love to have one...or two...

Rebel Chick said...

Those look so neat!

MIG said...

These fans look seriously cool! I keep thinking of the safety aspect as well. No worrying about the blades and little fingers. A fan like this would be such a relief.

LeeAnn said...

VERY COOL! The safety features alone are worth the extra money for sure.

Sippy Cup Mom said...

That is so neat! Thanks for a great review! I have been wanting one of these! I love how safe they are!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness how cool. I clean fans all the time, what a pain. Dyson sure is up to date with things, that is why I cannot wait to own my vac one day... and one of these!