Thursday, July 7, 2011

What is a Home Warranty? American Home Shield Can Help.

Not long after we were married, my husband and I began looking to purchase our first house. Using the mindset that we were never going to see any return on our rent money, buying a home just seemed to make sense.

Going into the process, I knew that there was more than just finding a house that had the space we wanted in the location we were focusing on, but I still turned my eyes mostly towards the aesthetics and the overall "feel" of the homes that we began to visit.

Of course it turns out there is much more than just liking the open floor plan (which I do), because any homeowner knows that once you have a house, you have to take care of it and do what you can to protect your investment... which is where American Home Shield steps in and is there to help.

Leading the home warranty industry with over 35 years of experience caring for their customers, today American Home Shield has over 1.3 million home warranties nationwide. By staying committed to and solely focused on providing relief from home repair hassles, AHS continues to deliver innovative home warranty products to add the extra level of security and comfort that you desire.

With a variety of plans and prices to meet your needs and budget, an AHS home warranty is a service contract that will cover the repair or replacement of many of the most frequently occurring breakdowns of home system components and appliances. Simply line up one of their home warranty inspections and you'll be on your way to resting easy knowing that your plumbing system, water heater, dishwasher, and more is covered.

If unexpected repair or replacement costs of items such as your refrigerator, air conditioner or furnace would put a strain on your budget, AHS can ease the stress and inconvenience of that burden.

They have more comprehensive coverage with fewer exclusions and limitations than other companies out there and with over 1 million homeowners covered, it's easy to head to their site and get a free quote today. American Home Shield has over 11,000 contractors in their service network standing by to keep your house in tip-top shape, so they're waiting for you!

Do you have a home warranty for your house? Would you consider buying one?