Monday, July 11, 2011

Nutrisystem {Week 28}

Nutrisystem BloggersI'm sure I've mentioned it before, but I have always wanted to be one of those people that can either separate their emotions from their eating or actually loses weight when they're stressed.

Even after 28 weeks being on my Nutrisystem journey, this week I was feeling all out of sorts about life in general and, instead of relying on support or encouragement from the Nutrisystem Nation, I reached into the cupboard or the freezer and pulled out something to eat instead.

What was I thinking?

At the time, I know I was thinking that I just didn't care. It was a long, tiring week and I needed a way to escape from it. So instead of focusing on how far I've come, the idea that I haven't actually reached my goal was weighing on my mind and I just wanted to forget about it. Why don't those smaller numbers seem to be getting any closer?

My husband, when seeing how much of the leftover ice cream cake was missing from the container, asked me the question that I needed to hear: "What's going on? Haven't you been feeling so much better about yourself?"

My response had been to shrug and walk away, but I did toss that line around in my head for quite a while last night. He's right, I do. Seeing the difference in pictures or buying clothes in sizes that I haven't before (who knew that single digits were attainable?) has been something that I don't ever want to change.

And was that ice cream cake satisfying? For maybe only the few seconds that it was actually in my mouth... and even then my brain was yelling at me the entire time.

Do I need to get back into exercising and stop slacking and whining? Absolutely.

Considering the mistakes (yes, plural) that I made this week, things could have turned out much worse for me when I stepped on the scale...

Nutrisystem NationPrevious loss: 22.4 lbs

This week: -0 lbs

Total loss: 22.4 lbs

I'll stick with maintaining last week, because, all things considered, that's actually pretty good. However, it's ON for this week. No fooling around and no turning to the kitchen if life seems bleak (besides, the ice cream cake is gone now, anyway). I'm refocusing and even if it's a tiny, tiny bit, the numbers WILL go down by next week, I just know it!

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Jenny said...

That is great that you didn't gain. Food is so addicting, it's hard to stick with eating right.

Today I told myself I'd eat better and then it was super hot out and I was starving. I had a salad, pizza, cheese bread and a Pepsi! Why did I do that? I guess I was hangry. Hungry and Angry!

Anonymous said...

You didn't gain! Although, I eat right most of the time, I have to splurge once in a while. I had a huge ice cream sundae the other night, and felt really guilty once I finished the bowl that was heaping with hot fudge, nuts, caramel and many scoops of ice cream. It was darn good though.

MIG said...

You still didn't gain which is wonderful! I'm holding you to your promise for next week. Lol!