Saturday, July 30, 2011

Warning Labels for Smart People

I consider my husband a smart man.

He was valedictorian of his high school, almost never received a single grade less than an A in his entire schooling (I think there was one pesky B in college that ruined the perfect streak), and, his smartest decision yet, he married me.

He knows when to stand back and let me go ahead with my crazy ideas (e.g. painting our kitchen bright green or bringing home yet another large, unnecessary toy from a garage sale because it was a deal that I couldn't pass up) and he knows when to step in and point out that no, a square dinner table is just not going to fit in our dining room no matter how much I point out how pretty the Jofran 6 Seater wood diner table might be.

So, being the smart man that he is, sometimes when he does things that are, to put it nicely, not so bright, I just can't help but shake my head in wonder at him for days. The most recent? His "run in" with these:

Innocent hot cinnamon candies, right?

I'm personally not a fan, but my husband seems to like them. So much so, that about a week ago he was eating a box of them at work and, whether he was just really enjoying them or eating them mindlessly, he finished what he claims as half the box.

With normal candy, that would probably result in nothing more than a stomachache. But apparently with these, eating too many hot candies gave him a chemical burn on his tongue.

I think that last part bears repeating: he ate so many hot candies that he literally burnt his mouth. Who does that?

On the one hand, that seems like an issue with the candies themselves because, really? Eating candy shouldn't be a dangerous occurrence. On the other hand is the question that I've asked him multiple times since he told me that he had a doctor he works with diagnose the burn: Why didn't you STOP EATING THEM when your mouth started to hurt?!

He can only shrug as an answer.

When I see warnings on everyday products like Letting your kid stick their head in this tiny plastic bag is bad or This deodorant is meant to be used on underarms and not ingested, I always wonder how unintelligent the people must be that need them.

Apparently, though, even smart people need them sometimes, too.


Jenny said...

This happened to me before! I used to eat Flamin' Hot chips with Rotel velveeta dip. It was SO good. But then I would notice the skin on the inside of my mouth was actually peeling off! I'm not kidding. It was so nasty. I also used to use Close-Up Cinnamon toothpaste and I think the mixture of it all was the problem.

I stopped eating the Flamin' Hot chips and stopped the cinnamon toothpaste and I've never had a problem since. Crazy isn't it?!

Unknown said...

LOL! I always get a kick reading the warning labels on products. I mean, to get a company to change the wording on its packaging, enough stupid people probably had to do that idiotic thing they're warning you about and then NOT been too embarrassed to complain or even try to sue!
Our most recent "find"?
I won a few packages of "Screen Candy". These are little vinyl thingies that look like stickers (aka window clings" that you are supposed to put on your cell phone, laptop screen, etc for decoration. Here's the exact wording on the back of the package:
"This is NOT candy. These should NOT be put in your mouth. Please keep others from doing so as well." LMAO!

catnap said...

It's good to know that cinnamon - the real spice we all use - can cause mouth ulcers. Doesn't really matter how you consume it; if you eat enough, it could burn you. It has all sorts of medicinal benefits ascribed to it, though. And it sure tastes good. Cinnamon candy should have a warning, though, especially cinnamon gum, because so many people get a reaction to it. I must admit, chocolate gives me heartburn. Does that stop me from eating it? NOOOOOOO! So I can understand your husband's mindless munching.

MIG said...

Wow! The candy company should definitely put a warning on the box. You know, my husband would probably do the same thing though. Lol!