Friday, July 1, 2011

License Plates: Personalized Plates That Make You Wonder

While driving the kids to one of their summer activities recently, I realized I was following a car with a personalized license plate.

That really isn't all that uncommon around here, as the cost of vanity plates (as far as I know) isn't a major step up from getting the random assortment of letters and numbers that the rest of us have. So it seems like more and more people think that having something witty on their car is just as necessary as, say, having car insurance for it.

Case in point is that what made my eyes stop for a closer look at this car was that the custom plate clearly read:

Really? Wassaap? The slang way to say What's Up? is the most creative thing that you could come up with?

Having never had a vanity plate myself, maybe I just don't understand the draw... or maybe I just don't think I would ever be able to come up with anything that was much funnier than this.

...for a really fast car? It surely wouldn't have the same effect on my minivan as it would on a sports car, though.

Besides, for me it really would need to read...

...because that would be much more appropriate.

For now, I think I'll stick with my mishmash collection and be perfectly content with it.

And maybe if I run into WAASAAP again, I'll roll down the window and ask if they spent as much time getting car insurance quotes as they did coming up with that.

What do you think? Do you or have you ever had a vanity license plate? What did it (or would it) say?


Jade Clark said...

My husband was REALLY proud of his Mazda 3 that we got a few years ago. It was a really brilliant color blue. He wanted vanity plates for it and took a good, long time coming up with something - and then when all those were taken (lol!), he settled on "Bluer3." He said it was because the car was bluer than anything he had ever seen, and it was a Mazda3. So, when the next car we got was a blue Rav4, I asked if he would get "Bluer4"... he said no. Thank goodness!

Amy and Luke said... 1st car that I ever had had vanity VA it's extremely common as is not the case in some states. My first one was "BG2DFFR". My 2nd one was "LV2RUGE". Unfortunately that one has kinda stuck with me and is even my email address! hah!

Kristen@CountryFitFamily said...

I live in Quebec Canada and we don't have that option. I think it would be quite confusing trying to decipher what they mean considering people speak English and French. You wouldn't even know what language it was in. Knowing me, I'd drive off the road trying to make out someone's vanity plate. LOL

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dannyscotland said...

I have never had a vanity plate for that very reason--nothing seemed important enough to put on it. My husband has one that relates to some date in NASA history, a shuttle launch or something. His is appropriate considering what his line of work is, but me? I like my regular one, too!

heidi said...

Here it is nearly $90 for a vanity plate. I know in other states it is a minimal fee, like $10, and I think if it was that cheap here I'd probably get one!

Jessa said...

I've never had a vanity plate, but I've always wanted one. Can't say I have ever come up with anything I'd actually put on my car though.

Some Lucky Dog said...

We have vanity plates on all three cars and they are also sponsored plates which means they have designs other than the regular state plate and we pay a fee that goes to a sponsoring organization.

On my red Beetle: ROVER

On my blue Beetle: SCRPBK (before I moved to Montana it was SCRPBKR, but that was taken here)

On hubby's Explorer: LO & SLO
(The plate is sponsored by a pilot organization and has a general aviation aircraft on it. Hubby is a pilot and we own a small airplane)

We just do it for fun and when we see one somewhere we see who can figure it out first. We're easily entertained :)